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  1. Weird, 02s definitely have the darker interior. Guess somebody over in Japan swapped the seats etc out for the older model? o.o
  2. Thought somebody was trying to sell a stolen MNP 33gtr when I read title! Hope you find her.
  3. Spotted this badboy on J-spec's new site today. Might be worth looking into, seems very clean. http://j-spec.com.au/featured/2001-Nissan-Skyline-GTR_V-Spec_2-16982.html edit - Jspec will do the work for you to prove the KMs are legit etc.
  4. Agreed the body kit is a shocker, but if the seller doesn't have the originals - I don't see why he'd shell out several thousand to get a genuine nis one for a car he's trying to get rid of. Any serious buyer will offer him a bit less than the asking price to help facilitate buying a new kit themselves For what the car is, it's a surprisingly good buy if all the info and pics are accurate. Just the kit makes my face hurt.
  5. Sorry to bump old thread, But just finished going through your entire photo journey! One of the best I've seen to date. Seriously amazing stuff ^,.,^ Really need to get up there myself.... one day.
  6. Thanks mate much appreciated, Will register and see how I go. If anyone has any other tips feel free to PM me or post here, All help is welcomed! ^_^
  7. Hi lads, (Sincerely sorry if this is the wrong spot for this...) I'm looking for some guidance and tips for taking photos of a White car with black/CF accents (Wheels, lip, diffuser etc etc). Ie - Good backdrops for white cars, settings to use and general editing afterwards (programs, filters? etc). I did the standard google research but it seems so varied based on peoples taste and general opinion, so thought I might have a little more luck here in a car specific community. Camera i'll be using is a Sony DSC-RX100, from all the research I did it seemed pretty well suited to my purpose and one of the best options. I basically know next to nothing about photography so please treat me as such, I may not know what your abbreviations mean and so forth. Again i'm really sorry if this is the wrong place, I did my best to look for an appropriate forum for my query and this is the best I could find. Thanks chaps, Chris. P.s : Photo of the car below, so you can see what i'm working with! ^_^
  8. Holy shit? A cheap 34R without dash swap, SHOCKED!
  9. If I still had that sort of cash lying around to blow, I'd jump on this in a heartbeat. Without-a-doubt the best 33 I've ever seen. (And i've owned, and seen many). I usually don't post these "nice car" posts in for sale adds, but this has to be an exception. What a beauty! Best of luck dude, Don't budge too much on your price. It's worth it.
  10. No longer looking, thanks guys. Mod please close
  11. Looks really nice, You've kept it in great condition. But not in WA (I'm hesitant to buy from out of state for several reasons, it's a lot of effort to fly to and from, i'd have to get it regod here, roughly $2k on transport, It's a lot of extra work so i'm only interested in local cars for the moment. If I start having trouble i'll expand my search to all of aus), and not silver. Thanks anyway mate. Also here is an example of a S15 that caught my eye, if anybody in perth has something similar contact me asap : http://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/nissan-silvia-1999-14591654?base=1216&vertical=Car&cr=1&eapi=2&__N=1246%201252%201247%201282%204294963846%204294966407%201216&num=15&silo=Stock&sort=LastUpdate
  12. Bump, Also just want it to be noted that I have funds SORTED. There will be no buggering around with finance etc, I have enough currently sitting in my bank for ten S15s
  13. Somebody from WA was selling a Black VS2 nur a few months ago, nice mods, I don't believe it ever sold. If it falls within your budget it is an awesome buy. His username is Huy I believe.
  14. ... Thanks for your input, But you have no idea of my funds or capacity to buy, I've seen individuals asking $30k from time to time for their so called "mint" S15. So that's what I meant when I said i'm not paying top dollar, I'd be more than happy to drop 20k on a nice S15, and they are widely available for this price, though not many in Perth right now (on carsales, gumtree etc) Thus being why I've posted this add. Secondly, i've noticed that the quality of cars to come out of SAU to be generally pretty good, so i'd much rather buy through here than off some shady lad on gumtree. I probably should have made this a little clearer, with regards to my intention to spend. My bad. As for the GTR... Why would I buy an Aus spec GTR? I'm not a collector, It has no value to me outside of it's performance, and a JDM would be much more cost effective, and perform better (in most modded cases). You've taken my add a little too literally, when I say awesome condition when it comes to a 32GTR, I simply mean no dash bubble, no major rust, comp test with decent results, and just generally doesn't look like shit. Thanks for the comment though, I'll keep what you've said in mind
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