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  1. Thrashed it at the Snowy 1000 Ran 22.49 @ 233.5 kph, better ET than I expected but was hoping for a quicker trap speed. Was quite happy the wagon was able to drive home as many cars didn't survive the day.
  2. Awesome day despite the low number of passes for the day. Happy to get 22.49 @ 233.5kph out of the wagon.
  3. Yeah man probably me. White, not too low, big rims - grey centres/polished hoops, fairly loud exhaust, no tint on the front windows and if you saw me at low speed Alcons on the front.
  4. Fitted tow points and stickers required for the Snowy 1000 Washed it, Drove it, got it covered in bugs and then washed it again. Filled up with E85 for next weekend
  5. Shame about the timing, I'd love to go but i'll be in Cooma deciding how much money I need to spend to go faster next year.
  6. https://www.facebook.com/events/480893692077774/ Anyone else planning to head to this?
  7. This weekend efforts on the wagon 1. Fitted the front half of my Alcon brake upgrade. 2. Drove it to WSID and ran a 12.2 (a PB). 3. Split the heater core on the way home and turned my girlfriends shoes a lovely shade of glycol green.
  8. Have a 3.5 inch cat back with twin 4 inch tips. Would not recommend, several issues with the product. Have sent PM with details
  9. I'm in, can't wait to wind to wagon out.
  10. Washed it and got my confirmation email for Snowy 1000 entry
  11. I'm most likely in(a lot of beer to drink between now and tomorrow morning...) where are people meeting for coffee? the Fyshwick ONA is award winning...
  12. I recently switched from PFC to haltech, the car runs the best it ever has, For me the benefits are no MAF is great, the PFC random cough thing is gone, boost intergration is nice, having a few extra IO points is handy for running others stuff you might add and full data logging for diagnosis Of course the skills/ability/attention to detail of the tuner will have a big impact on how the car runs. Boost control will work with your existing solenoid you'll just need wire it up to the haltech and I'd run the external MAP sensor regardless of your desired boost level,I don't really like running a vacuum line back I to the cab If I was to do it again and wasn't going for flex fuel I'd still ditch the PFC.
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