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  1. Got two of these. One in a housing one not. Will be keeping the one in the housing, however have a spare one. Good for use with Nistune. They sell them for $198 so take this one for $100. Pickup Wantirna
  2. event

    Not sure TBH! If you haven't got your L2S make sure you get on the deallll. We'll have forms on the day etc. Should be a fun day. It's sold out now, pending a few payments from guys..
  3. Ecu tested in another car as working. Cas also tested in another car. Next is to check continuity back to the ECU loom from the injector plugs. Running different injectors yes, but they were in my R33 before hand.
  4. R34 GT-V Sedan. Engine was from this car. Only thing different is turbo, intake manifold (R33 style with all those bits) and R34 Nistune Ecu. Just doesn't make sense. I need to test the ECU in another car. next.
  5. Hey guys, Just a heads up - we have a FEW spots left for our Winton day. This time we're not letting anyone else co host the event (We had some issues in the past with other clubs not being able to run events to our standards) and will be doing it on our own as per usual. If anyone came last year we had a fantastic turnout and fantastic event, cars got amazing amounts of track time etc $195 entry for the day. First 30 newbies/L1/come and try entrants will get a FREE upgrade from a L1 day license to a YEARLY Level 2 Speed license! (10-15 gone so far) Less than 10 spots left! P.S You DONT need to be a Uni student (name is more of a tradition thing for our November track event) if SAU gets 5 or more people we'll put you in a little team. Check out the event, theres a scoring system on there for teams and individuals etc. Get excited! Should be a cracker.
  6. Hey guys! So I pulled out my DE to do a DE+T conversion (Not my first engine swap etc etc) but I've run into a weird issue with the electronics upon putting it back in. First off, ECCS relay was missing - Didn't have consult plug for Nistune Next the injectors weren't getting 12v, I ran a switched 12v from pin 24/ignition (where it normally comes from). For what ever reason, it doesn't have continuity on the standard line. OK what ever, just run another one and be done with it. Now it appears the injectors aren't pulsing eiither. Have: Tested another CAS Tested ECU grounds Spark, ECU can see CAS What should I do next? I'm thinking of cutting out the 12v injector switched line as its probably earthing out - but would this cause the injector driver to not pulse grounds to any of the cylinders? I'd say the whole loom cant be damaged, I can't see any damage and I can't even find where the 12v is broken..
  7. Decent highflow (with dump) or TD06 20G/25G sorta thing would be amazing.
  8. Had this for a year but the car hasn't been driven much. Was pulled off a fresh FG XR6T and repurposed to use on an RB25/30. made 340kw with good response etc, even with 1.06 housing. Pulled to redline and beyond! Out spooled my old Hypergear 3076 with a .86 rear housing #Justsaying Turbo + Dump = $700 come get it Located Easten suburbs Melbs Dump pipe isn't pretty but its functional. Will trade for something smaller as I only want about 220-240kw in my daily.
  9. I do a lot of composite work, so i'm considering making a mould of one and reproducing it out of carbon. wouldn't be too hard... depends what people are prepared to pay
  10. WTT/WTS: Rb25det cut and shut FFP for freddy Has this made up to go on my new build but have decided to go with a aftermarket FFP. quite nicely done (as far as cut and shut goes) by a professional welder. Will swap for Freddy/Ebay spec FFP + Cash your way Or sell outright (Offers)
  11. Would love to have a crack at one of these.. hmm. it's tempting to give it a shot..
  12. How much would you pay for one?