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  1. Inbox me your phone number and i'll send some through.
  2. Have this Jasma exhaust. It's 3.25" into a hotdog then into twin 2.75" at the diff into the muffler I think the JASMA number came up with HKS. Is missing the flange for the cat. I can provide the flange. Super quiet exhaust. Is mild steel, but is in reasonably good condition for its age. Also $100 $100 pickup Wantirna/Briar HIll after hours and Box Hill during business hours. Call/Text 0432091444, can also send photos.
  3. Pulled this off a car, has been modified (averagely) to fit an R34 sedan, but was originally off an R33. It all fits up fine, however it sits a bit low. Jasma/HKS system the whole way through. Suit someone who wants just a cheap solution, or take to an exhaust shop to be modified a bit better. $150 come take it all Pickup Wantirna upon apointment.
  4. Pr0x1mity

    -_- someone buy my AFM you can have it for a crisp fiddy.
  5. Pr0x1mity

    Despite posting the event, I finally signed up today. Haha. Keeeeeeeeeeen!
  6. Pr0x1mity

    Ohsheeeitttt, hes my housemate lmfao
  7. Pr0x1mity

    Anyone got pics of the wiring?
  8. Pr0x1mity

    SOOOOO. Not a lot in it at all. Like, very easily modified to fit!
  9. After a lot, i mean a LOT of searching I can't really find a clear answer. HOWEVER, a few weeks ago I remember reading on SAU an R32 exhaust (all same floor pan) would fit an R34 Sedan with modified hangers? Can anyone confirm/find this thread?
  10. Pr0x1mity

    No worries, heres a few :-)
  11. Pr0x1mity Few other links too I need to find!
  12. Pr0x1mity

    Event was dope. Had about 6 Skylines inc my self. Thanks for coming! We will be running another one soon!
  13. Pr0x1mity

    Still a few entries left. One or two from SAU but would looooove to see more so we can have a bunch to try get some trophies etc.