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  1. By popular demand we're back at MTA Logic Track in Wodonga. Entries > https://forms.gle/eTtDPTG8QVYnDxTu5 Supp Regs > TBA Price > $170 - Members $155 AASA / Cams Licenses Accepted Link to FB event: https://fb.me/e/4BGPZcXs1
  2. Yep! Was MTA/Logic Center in wodonga. We have another one coming up in a few weeks if anyones keen! https://fb.me/e/4BGPZcXs1 https://youtu.be/yI4t42Y-n34
  3. I’m having my coil overs revalved and softer springs fitted so I’m looking for some stock or what ever suspension. I’d even take f**ked coil overs. It’s mostly to move the car around the garage and driveway while the coil overs are being fixed up hopefully someone in vic!
  4. Have this coming out next week to change to a different diff type. 4.3 ratio good condition, standard R200 spins both wheels fairly fine etc but is also nearly 20 years old! Looking for $offers Pickup Bundoora
  5. Manual. I have it in a manual car and have never had any issues with it!
  6. You'll need to run an aftermarket ECU with less aggressive timing to make up for the higher comp NA motor. Don't use a turbo ecu, don't use a mines ecu, don't use an impul ecu. Do it right the first time and don't end up paying for a new motor. Edit: In addition to this, the aftermarket ecu won't care if you don't have those sensors. Also an impul ECU or mines ecu will probably run a more aggressive tune than a factory DET ecu ?
  7. Have had this in the car running for 2 years. Will come with Stock GTT tune (Unless you want me to leave 14psi/1000CC/Z32 AFM tune on it) Has flex daughter board all ready for flex fuel. Comes fitted in an R34 ECU casing all ready to plug in. Located Bundoora/Box Hill (Business hours) or posted at buyers expense. $500
  8. Preferably Link, show me what you've got!
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