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  1. Supp regs are up!
  2. [SUCC] + HSCCV SandownStorm @ Sandown Raceway Aug 27th Next track day is up: SandownStorm @ Sandown Raceway. SUCC Motorsport is teaming up with HSCCV to deliver one of the best quality circuit days this year! Sandown Raceway full track featuring timed and untimed sessions to cater to both those who wish to push their cars to the limits and compete for the best times possible, as well as a come and try session for those who want an introduction to circuit driving! $220 - Timed session including Dorian Hire $205 - Come and try session - No timing (Max 20 Entries) There will be trophies for best in each class. This is to be treated as a competitive event for those who are not come and try entrants! Supp regs TBA Entries will open soon, more info coming this week
  3. Tony @ Speedworks in Ringwood is a legend. His work is amazing, all of the guys in Historics use him and he has heeeeeeeaps of RB experience. I've actually got him working on a head of mine at the moment!
  4. Cheap Haunted Hills hillclimb huzzah! 25th of June - $115 on the 25th of June my club will be running a hill climb at Haunted hills $115 per person, $15 club discount for SUCC members ($35 membership) L1 licenses available on the day, or have an L2 license. Morning/Arvo sessions available. Limited numbers, maximum runs.
  5. Still there tho
  6. That's OK, as long as people aren't being targeted. Maybe next time just moving it to the general forum would be a good idea! All's good, you're all welcome at our events also. :-)
  7. Today around 10:05am [SUCC MOTORSPORTS] Haunted Hills - Hillclimb (3,6,9 Hillcimb time) Thanks heaps mate
  8. Yeah thats true! I've just posted up links there before because I know we have a fair few guys from SAU come along in the past because they are cheap well run days that we dont use to make profits etc. Thought I might be tripping, but I did actually post it haha Just odd that other posts such as Vivids are still there.
  9. Again it's good to reiterate how good a sporting club SAU is and I don't suspect foul play or anything odd. Probably just a mistake.
  10. Disapearing posts I think there might be a ghost stealing my posts! ;-) I had two posts (one with a few comments on it, one new) in the Vic Events section. I figured it was OK to post invites to Motorsport events there as other clubs such as Vivid have without them being deleted. It appears that they have gone missing since posting! Both posts were definitely posted as well. Not sure why they'd get deleted, they were just cheap NFP intro Motorsport days so I assume they just went missing in the database. Damn SQL! Would be good to hear back about this issue and how/why it went missing. Thanks!
  11. Timing tensioner stud snapped - Boo The other night my RB30DET suffered greatly. Thought I ran out of fuel or something. Filled it up and nothing. The question: RB30e bottom end RB30ET 20thou down pistons RB25de neo head Interference or nah? Am replacing the stud, taking cams out and putting it all to TDC. Hoping for the best.. If not, new head I guess Has anyone else had timing issues and got away with it? Do you fancy my chances?
  12. As in super expensive? haha
  13. vic 

    its got like switches to change the settings at the bottom. X2
  14. Techtom CM-100 Plugs into consult port, displays ECU signals such as Water temp or speed. Does other ones but I have it set to Water temp. Was really cool and super JDM as f**k however it doesnt work with standalone ECU's that disable the consult port (Adaptronic). Works with Nistune, Stock ECU, And I THINK Power FC. Pickup blackburn south, $120 firm