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  1. No error messages at all. Just seems to be picky with working. I logged out and in and it appears to be working again. Huaazahhhhh!
  2. Only looking to swap at this point in time.
  3. I can reply at least! Pics coming soon. Located in Greensborough 3088. Seats are currently in my R34.
  4. Still having the issue actually. If I hit submit reply it gives me an error but the text box also appears lol.
  5. It appears to be working now! It was happening on windows 10/Chrome and MacOS mojave chrome. It was funny and annoying as I wanted to put a sale post up lmao
  6. Would you split the Catback section of the stock exhaust? I'm in reasonably desperate need of any exhaust as mines kaput from the catback...
  7. All sold, however I could probably make you one if you like?
  8. Yep - Happy to split. I was looking at more the "rear" one being thrown in with the front one as im not 100% sure it will fit. Turns out it was an S13 front one and I gave it to a mate. I'd be chasing say $80 for the R34 front one. Yes it fits an R33, I actually have an R33 one on my R34 at the moment! Inbox me if keen
  9. If you're prepared to pay the shipping im OK with that.
  10. Hey guys! I have a varex rear muffler 3" in + a hardwire loom I made (Suit any car, just needs 12V in and ground) Pics coming soon. Can come with some exhaust piping that was on an R34 Coupe, was hacked up a bit to tuck a bit nicer on a sedan but *Should* still fit a Coupe as it was not lengthened or shortened (Made a franken-decat-extension pipe) $300 for the Varex and take the piping for free (if you want it) otherwise it's just a 3" 2 bolt flange on the rear muffler. Pickup Greensborough P.S It's welded back together now, not in 3 sections. TLDR; paying for Varex + Hardwire loom - getting R34 catback piping free that *should* still fit an R34 Coupe.
  11. $120 for the pair if picked up this weekend.