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  1. All sold, however I could probably make you one if you like?
  2. Yep - Happy to split. I was looking at more the "rear" one being thrown in with the front one as im not 100% sure it will fit. Turns out it was an S13 front one and I gave it to a mate. I'd be chasing say $80 for the R34 front one. Yes it fits an R33, I actually have an R33 one on my R34 at the moment! Inbox me if keen
  3. If you're prepared to pay the shipping im OK with that.
  4. Hey guys! I have a varex rear muffler 3" in + a hardwire loom I made (Suit any car, just needs 12V in and ground) Pics coming soon. Can come with some exhaust piping that was on an R34 Coupe, was hacked up a bit to tuck a bit nicer on a sedan but *Should* still fit a Coupe as it was not lengthened or shortened (Made a franken-decat-extension pipe) $300 for the Varex and take the piping for free (if you want it) otherwise it's just a 3" 2 bolt flange on the rear muffler. Pickup Greensborough P.S It's welded back together now, not in 3 sections. TLDR; paying for Varex + Hardwire loom - getting R34 catback piping free that *should* still fit an R34 Coupe.
  5. $120 for the pair if picked up this weekend.
  6. Was given these but are un needed. Apparently pulled off an R34 GTT years ago. I have a Sedan and the parcel shelf appears a bit different so I was unable to test fit. Looks like it may fit on other models but don't have one around to test. Front fits 100% on my sedan however. Looking for $300 ono for the pair. Pickup Greensborough/Box Hill/Wantirna upon appointment.
  7. Pr0x1mity

    Arranged pickup from the kitchen. Didn't show up. Left negative feedback.
  8. Fits both R33 and R34. I towed a tow trailer with a motorbike in it a few times with no issues. Comes with loom for flat plug. Bolts to rails very easily, just remove reo bar and fit up then replace bar/reo. Easy as pie. Selling as i'm getting a larger car soon with a tow bar so no longer needed. $300 pickup Wantirna/Box Hill/Briar Hill
  9. Inbox me your phone number and i'll send some through.
  10. Have this Jasma exhaust. It's 3.25" into a hotdog then into twin 2.75" at the diff into the muffler I think the JASMA number came up with HKS. Is missing the flange for the cat. I can provide the flange. Super quiet exhaust. Is mild steel, but is in reasonably good condition for its age. Also $100 $100 pickup Wantirna/Briar HIll after hours and Box Hill during business hours. Call/Text 0432091444, can also send photos.
  11. Pulled this off a car, has been modified (averagely) to fit an R34 sedan, but was originally off an R33. It all fits up fine, however it sits a bit low. Jasma/HKS system the whole way through. Suit someone who wants just a cheap solution, or take to an exhaust shop to be modified a bit better. $150 come take it all Pickup Wantirna upon apointment.
  12. Pr0x1mity

    -_- someone buy my AFM you can have it for a crisp fiddy.
  13. Pr0x1mity

    Despite posting the event, I finally signed up today. Haha. Keeeeeeeeeeen!