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  1. You'll need to run an aftermarket ECU with less aggressive timing to make up for the higher comp NA motor. Don't use a turbo ecu, don't use a mines ecu, don't use an impul ecu. Do it right the first time and don't end up paying for a new motor. Edit: In addition to this, the aftermarket ecu won't care if you don't have those sensors. Also an impul ECU or mines ecu will probably run a more aggressive tune than a factory DET ecu 😕
  2. Have had this in the car running for 2 years. Will come with Stock GTT tune (Unless you want me to leave 14psi/1000CC/Z32 AFM tune on it) Has flex daughter board all ready for flex fuel. Comes fitted in an R34 ECU casing all ready to plug in. Located Bundoora/Box Hill (Business hours) or posted at buyers expense. $500
  3. Preferably Link, show me what you've got!
  4. Im after a boot floor wood thing, drivers side pocket thingy and the boot floor carpet. Do you have it?
  5. Scarily accurate haha. That said, I also have an old G15 gaming keyboard plugged into that PC!
  6. There's literally like two crumbs on the keyboard..
  7. Still have this. Will swap for R34 plugin standalone ecu.
  8. Pulled from working R33 was replaced with haltech. Comes with USB tuning cable, expansion loom, and of course the ECU. $900 plus post/pickup
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