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  1. I do a lot of composite work, so i'm considering making a mould of one and reproducing it out of carbon. wouldn't be too hard... depends what people are prepared to pay
  2. WTT/WTS: Rb25det cut and shut FFP for freddy Has this made up to go on my new build but have decided to go with a aftermarket FFP. quite nicely done (as far as cut and shut goes) by a professional welder. Will swap for Freddy/Ebay spec FFP + Cash your way Or sell outright (Offers)
  3. Would love to have a crack at one of these.. hmm. it's tempting to give it a shot..
  4. How much would you pay for one?
  5. Wanted: R33/RB25DET fuel injector O rings Need these to get car running.. cant bloody find anywhere
  6. Hey all! I ended up keeping this on the car - however it is FINALLY off and now available. If anyone needs one let me know!
  7. Unfortunately not Features are fairly similar, minus canbus.
  8. It was interference. Only JUST touched.
  9. Still lots of spots left Should be a good day, don't have to worry about track density!
  10. $1000 on the dot is taken this weekend. Only really used for testing.
  11. Adaptronic R33 Gt/Gtst/GTR plugin ECU! Hey guys! I have an almost brand new in the box Adaptronic plug in ECU for an R33 here ready to go. I bought this and then decided to go wire in to simplify things. This Adaptronic ECU will bring your R32, R33, R34, or RB based engine swap up to current year tuning technology. This Adaptronic ecu uses Volumetric Efficiency Tuning, Adaptive Closed Loop Self Tuning, & a 4 BAR internal map sensor to delete your restrictive mass air flow sensor. This unit properly controls the RB Variable Valve Timing & has a TPS output for your A-LSD/4WD. This unit can control single or multiple throttle body setups, offers traction control, flex fuel control, race dash integration, etc! Combine all of these advanced features with bar non tech support, quality base maps & wiring schematics, and you will be on your path to a properly controlled and tuned engine! Retail is $1350 Buy this for $1100 Located in Vic, Can post upon request.