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  1. Hi guys, i am looking to put on an assistant manager at a brake and clutch / spare parts store in cheltenham. experience in parts is prefered, you would be responsible for trade and retail orders, stock ordering, banking, running the show if i need to step out etc. good salary package with company car and fuel provided. full time monday to friday. pm me or call 03 9585 0455. cheers, joel.
  2. position has been filled. thanks to all that applied and welcome aboard Evan! (from this forum)
  3. hey bud, i dont think so but i will take it up with the directors for you!
  4. I am looking for someone to join our team here at superstop. would prefer someone younger but will consider all applications. no experience is needed, full training provided. your role will consist of many things including machine work, re-conditioning of brake and clutch parts, building and manufacturing of the big brake upgrades we offer for early rx's, stock control, very occasional deliveries and some parts sales. so basicly a bit of everything. we are a small business with only 10 staff but a very friendly environment. hours will be 8.30-5 mon-fri and looking for for the right person to start within the next few weeks. please forward your resume and contact details to sales@superstop.com.au and mention SAU VIC. we are located at 727 Whitehorse Rd, Mont Albert VIC (Box Hill) www.superstop.com.au cheers, joel
  5. i dont like my chances being that its my first track day but i will try! that is only if my membership comes through before the entry cut off! i take it you cant enter and pay at the gate?
  6. im looking forward to that corner!!! i think i know the one you mean, at about the 4th corner where you can keep left to do the long course or hard right for short course. just past that intersection there is a pretty decent drop, seen a few open wheelers get crossed up over that one! so in other words if im pulling a 1.20 for my first few runs the officials wont give two f**ks even though its a championship event? either way cant wait to get out and have a go, just hope my membership goes through in time to get my entry in!
  7. sorry one more question, new to racing, only done a few drag passes. doing haunted hills as my first event... good idea or bad? i dont think i really need to do a driver training course first but i could be wrong i guess. is haunted hills a really challanging track or novice driving but taking it easy ok?
  8. thanks mate, i just signed up and payed membership fees today! so modified it is then. in terms of competing with wrx club events, being a rotary and a turbo would that put me in the 3 litres and above class?
  9. quick question about which class i would run in, standard rwd or modified rwd. i have a series 2 rx7 which from the factory came with a carby 12a engine. i now have a 13b turbo efi motor... no other mods in terms of injectors, fuel pressure or turbo upgrades, just a 044 pump. having the bigger motor, will that immediatly bump me into modified rwd?
  10. just filled in the online application and will transfer funds. cant wait to get out for some track time!
  11. thanks for the welcome anna, whilst i am a rotor nut, i still have a soft spot for a nice rb
  12. hi guys, names joel and i currently own a series 2 rx7 with a 13b turbo. i will be joining the sau vic car club very soon, looks like you guys are very involved in motorsport which is what im keen on doing. hopefully see you at the track soon, and here is a crap pic of my car.
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