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  1. We'll let Fit n Fun decide what he wants. i think he will opt for a bit more than what you have suggested, personally.
  2. so you call "without spending much money" a $40 bleed valve and a high flow filter? i think the guy has more to rub together than the peanuts you make from your decal business. cop the sig, you fall into 2 categories there.
  3. dude...there could be more than one problem...and we don't even know what the first problem is 100% yet FFS
  4. Well if damage was done internally, metal filings would come out in the oil. Haven't had any experience with oil not getting to the cam. Timing belts are usually good for 100,000 or more on skylines. If they have been sloppy though I wouldn't put it past them to have screwed up with the timing belt. Just out of curiosity, what oil are you running?
  5. I'm not saying I'm right man. I can see your posts and your rep. All im saying is thats what I think. Correct me if i'm wrong but he already has his cam cover off. And with the draining of oil...thats just to make sure you don't have multiple problems.
  6. LOL Sorry rolls i meant timing belt. If your timing belt has slackened (as they do over time) the belt at high revs can jump a couple of teeth on the gears. This is what I think has happened. I agree with Simon-32 that it is definitely now a timing related issue. Drain your oil to be sure its just external damage.
  7. yeah i thought that was the case initially but read this and thought he didn't" "yeah sounds like any other motor with no spark/fuel trying to start, didn't backfire at all today when I tried it with the cas" so if he does have spark and fuel pressure and the exhaust gear is all together i'd be going with the timing belt slipping a tooth or two. How long since you last TB change Rolls?
  8. I guess with a high stall and a performance auto box an auto turbo would beat a manual of the same power rating down the 1/4.
  9. You have an auto turbo. You don't have a clutch. You never take your foot off the accelerator to change gears. Not taking your foot off the accelerator means boost pressure will remain intact? So you are on full boost from the first time you hit it until you let the throttle off?
  10. Everything you need is on SAU Karl. We have a Classified section where people can post up what they need/want to buy and also a trader section where businesses offering all the used/replacement/performance parts can be found. Best way to do it is explore SAU and you will learn in leaps and bounds. All the best brother.
  11. If you have no spark and no fuel your car is never gonna start and I can't see how the CAS and gears are going to give you no fuel and no spark. I'd be checking Fuel Pump Relay Ignitor
  12. Why'd you take it off brother? Why not just hide it and run stock boost? You in need of money?
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