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  1. Daco

    Spotted Thread

    Haha! that was you! That was my brother in his 34 GTT. Was pretty excited the next day when he told me his SAU sticker got him some extra fries lol.
  2. Daco

    R33 Gts-T Stolen !

    Sorry for your loss mate i know how it feels. I'll keep an eye out up my way in South Morang/Mill Park/Epping
  3. Daco

    Spotted Thread

    Nice and clean Black R34 GTT around 1:30pm Plenty Rd Mill Park. Exchanged a friendly 'thumbs up' lol
  4. Daco

    Spotted Thread

    Black R32 with SAU stickers at around 2:40pm Plenty Road just after the Office Works, gave a nice 'Chuck Norris' style thumbs up hahaha
  5. Daco

    Spotted Thread

    White R33 in La Trobe Bundoora carpark 2 today
  6. Daco

    Spotted Thread

    P plater, Black 34 coupe, no spoiler, bright green rear rims and black front rims. in South Morang on McDonalds Rd
  7. Holy shit, that looks like it's just come out of the production line. So f**king bored, doing the overnight shift at work zZzzzZ
  8. Daco

    Spotted Thread

    Haha yes... exactly. Sounded very nice though, clean but i don't like that candy orange colour for some reason
  9. Daco

    Spotted Thread

    Spotted Orange 33, 'IKNDI' Plenty Rd near RMIT
  10. White epoxy primer sounds interesting, would love to see the results. Especially the refraction effect
  11. Yeah i've done all the fluids and plugs, Will be getting my regular mechanic to check out the belt kit and water pump + do a mini service for me. Think i'm just paranoid.. but hard not to be when you read of so many horror stories.
  12. Haha nice, well i've already had the car for 2.5 months. Hasn't missed a beat *knock on wood*, Only thing i'm concerned about is that the km's might have been wound back. Bought it with 85,000k's on the clock from an importer in Melbourne. I'm paranoid that if it has been wound back my timing belt might never have been changed amongst other service things.
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