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  1. Did you sort out a set of wheels? I have the stock 17's that came with my R33 that I could loan you. Let me know what you want to offer for them.
  2. I'm a HUGE fan of Jax Mitchell. They have been looking after me really well for many years. I'm always happy with their prices and they have looked after my skyline well. Get balances, allignments, changes of bushes and baring. They did my Hicas removal kit (i didnt just go the bar, i went for the adjustable kit). They have done my CV joints and all too. They even did weight distribution balancing for me to setup my coilovers with perfect distribution.
  3. I know this is old, i want to know about parts used on this vehicle to purchase them for my own! I'm keen to find a set of headlights like used on this one. Obsessive was the only muppet asking about the wheels. Pete33r was asking about where the lip was purchased. Info on the headlights would be greatly appreciated.
  4. If I wasnt happy with my own ride, i'd be pretty keen to get this, sounds pretty neat. I wanted to know where you got the series 3 headlight and how they needed (or the car) to be modded to suit? I have a series 1.5, has the series 1 front end like yours looks to. And i really want this sort of head lights. Cheers.
  5. Try skylinespares.com, they arent in canberra, but have skylines for wrecking and most parts. Also can try Trojan motorsport in mitchell if you want someone local. John there can probably help you out also. cheers.
  6. No one is gonna like it, but we all have to live with it and deal. Make of things now, when fuel keeps going up, may have to change cars... As it is, I ride my bike as often as I can, I do get more enjoyment out of my car when I drive it around after having driven it less.
  7. I run and manage FASTdigital, the design and print shop in Mitchell, if you can deal with getting the calendar Mid Jan, I'm happy to make them. I'd rather only deal with having to get them to people locally who can collect them from me, but if there is enough call, I can have them posted out too. Should be able to do them similar quality to last years one for much the same price. I just have to work out a way to put the damn hanging holes in them... Email me at sales@fastdigital.com.au and I can assist. I'm also happy to help take some shots on my SLR, but still havent bought an external flash, but do have the camera and a tripod if the workshop is lit well enough.
  8. I cant seem to find the info anywhere, is there a 2013 calendar being made? As I want to make sure I order one.
  9. Hey all, I hope this is in the right place. I have purchased on of these EBCs, i had no issues with the install, but I have a few questions that i've not been able to work out with the setup. What is the difference between gain and p.gain? I understand how Duty and Gain normally work, but this seems to be a bit different. Also how do the settings in the S menu work? I think i've worked out everything else. Does any one know if there is an English translation of the manual available yet? The unit is one of these: http://www.frsport.com/index.php?target=products&product_id=29453 Cheers
  10. Still for sale "Nissan Silvia 1990 2.0l turbo - $4,000 *rego august 2013 (*no engineer cert. serious buys perfect for track ,some work required for street rego)" Has ACT rego, but the engine swap has not been engineered and there are a few other things that would need tweaking for road use. The car would be much easier sorted if it remains registered in the ACT or if rego is lapsed and it is used for a track car.
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