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  1. Lol is Greg still having shit luck? His car is at Scott's right?
  2. I wondered why you were screenshotting. Yeh hamish, not into marine so much, I like aquatic plants.
  3. Mate I give it a month before that flamin mongrel sells it
  4. Roofys You should already have enough supply
  5. Fuel vapour means I slept well at night
  6. Sunkist

    Orange R32 Gtr

    Moh thinks everything is stolen
  7. Nah I just had the flu for the past two weeks lol. If you like next time I get it I'll happily come and spread the love
  8. Yeh can borrow mine if you need.
  9. Doing the same thing. Just finished 3 again today.
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