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  1. OzStriker

    No need to giggle as your GT3 prices are all wrong, I paid $220k for a low-km, highly optioned .2 GT3 a year or so ago so today I'm guessing they can be had for very close to $200k. Please don't think I disliked the GTR on track, it was absolutely awesome and it's ability to hit an apex when I thought it was all over on entry still makes me smile I just found the requirement of constant monitoring and management of engine and gearbox temps frustrating, and I love the challenge of managing balance more so in the GT3.
  2. OzStriker

    Wardski, this is the internet, people are going to share views that differ from your own, no need to try and moderate us Pretty certain this is all wrong though.
  3. OzStriker

    My GTR cost thousands and thousands to keep under warranty...High labour costs, six monthly service intervals, silly post track inspections, extra oil changes due to daring to do more than a few 1 minute laps in a row, high vehicle weight all contributed to this cost and I lose warranty anyway after 3 years. In my Porsche I happily have an annual service which costs very little, low tyre and brake wear due thanks to 500kg less weight and the option to extend my warranty by ten years for $2k a year. It's a no brainier in my situation. People have a very valid reason for complaining about servicing costs.
  4. OzStriker

    Ok I owned a new MY11 GTR and it was the quickest car I have driven on track. It was definitely not the most responsive, in fact it's weight made it quite a cumbersome thing on track. On road it was understeery and boring. Porsche offers various products but pick the one that suits and you have a car which is hilarious on the road and a few tenths slower on track which I would happily give up for the sound of a Mezger flat 6 any day. Not familiar with any modern 6.3l Mercedes sorry.
  5. OzStriker

    Nice reply I think a Skyline forum is the wrong place to mention the Singer 911. They just wont get it
  6. OzStriker

    Unbelievable. As a motorcyclist who could be around the next bend, please don't drive in the hills at all if you don't feel safe enough to carry a passenger. Condolences to the family and friends of those whom have been hurt in this accident.
  7. OzStriker

    The benefit of a contrasting colour is it gives the illusion of a lower, longer car and helps to hide the bulk of the GTR. Some of the full wraps (and most notably a white-wrapped GTR) just make the car look too bulky to me.
  8. OzStriker

    Just make sure you have a good think before changing the cats... At this stage you should have a good case for having them replaced under warranty, given the only modifications are downstream of the secondary o2 sensors. Northside certainly indicated that the exhaust modification would not affect drivetrain warranty. Replace the cats and you will probably need to remove an engine light for the secondary o2 sensors which will void the warranty.
  9. OzStriker

    Could be the exhaust hzrdus, it has only been on there for a few hundred kms and a couple of track days so could probably do with a check of all bolt tensions. The only noises I ever heard was the standard idle rattle and the dash had a rattle but that was fixed under warranty (couple of bits realigned). If the car is still stock (other than exhaust) I would say its impossible to damage the car by doing a downshift like that.
  10. OzStriker

    Haha enjoy my old car Hzrdus Don't polish it! 21s and a body kit, it will be a different life for this car now
  11. OzStriker

    Probably best you just buy your own.
  12. OzStriker

    Congrats Leng! Did you buy a new or a used one from WA? What MY? Great people at Northside.
  13. OzStriker

    600s if you want your GTR to perform as advertised, 7010 "all seasons" if you want a quality tyre with "normal" life, probably suited to cool wet winters.
  14. OzStriker

    Unfortunately our MY11 is the US MY12, no 390s on that website
  15. OzStriker

    I don't know why they are drilled, the holes fill up with brake dust after a few track sessions anyway. I asked DBA about 390mm rotors a few months ago, they were waiting for an OEM sample to work with...So doesn't sound like they will be available anytime soon, but I will certainly get them when I can.