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  1. My m35 had something simular but was for a stereo install (Carrozzeria).
  2. https://www.sau.com.au/forums/index.php?/topic/425577-Summary-Of-P1-110-Of-The-M35-Info-Uber-Thread
  3. Go into the stickies thread and to the m35 part number section on this forumn
  4. Stalling aounds like cam sensor
  5. Remove the bung under abs unit as well. Do you have any error codes (im thinking a 0340,0345 or 0100 code)
  6. I did some reading and looks like this should be fixed with you replacing the yaw sensor
  7. There is a ARX kit for sale on facebook and i have a spare rear reinforcement bar (currently wrecking a m35)
  8. I saw a axis in Victoria for 4k blown turbo..... just sayin
  10. All good. Was good to be back in the game playing with these cars again. A bit of fun in my spare time.
  11. No was replaced. I have decided to strip the car. Was unable to decipher the issue within budget. Stripping the M35 stagea - Brisbane RSR coil overs (4wd) (non base height adjustable) - $700.00 Nismo Fibreglass Bodykit some cracking (front, side, rear ) - $1000.00 Nismo Exhaust (cat back) - $1100.00 Car audio (pioneer double din headunit, pioneer 2 & 4 channel amps, 4 x 6.5inch pioneer speakers with tweeters, wiring kit, roof mounter screen with control boxes- $800.00 18 inch wheels (tires 80%) - $500.00 Window Motors (front passenger & both rears)- $300 ($100 each) Black interior (no boot floor, boot side shelf panels, rear door cards) - $400.00 Vlsd - $250.00 1 x bcm $50.00 2 x stock ecu - $75.00 each Intercooler with piping.- $150.00 Airbox - $40.00 Doors - $200.00 ($50 each) Dash Pocket - $100.00 Rear Aero Bar - $150.00 Rear Door & Glass - $150.00 Steering wheel (with airbag) - $150.00 Starter motor - $100.00 Happy to post at buyers expense except for the engine.
  12. Been a big development with the stagea over the last 24hrs. She now started. I have read up that because the car never shown a engine light there was a possible earthing issue so i started checking all wiring in the engine bay. Found a black plug next to the battery that, to the naked eye looked connected, when pushed down it clicked and gave me back the engine light. I still had no starter signal when key was turned but i have fuel pump and fuel through the injectors. So i hooked up a direct 12v feed to a push button and now car starts. I still have to find why there is no starter signal but for now she starts and i can move her around and have all the other items addressed.
  13. Anything is possible. One of the guys up here put a double din in that pop up screen area with a custom surround.
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