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  1. send me a pm if you got an manual r32 for cheap price.. looking around for one. cheers.
  2. how many cars will be attending this event? including the attendents from the start and people joining in?
  3. step1: Go to the top bar and goto Filter -> Then click on Liquify step2: using the WRAP TOOL you can drag down any part of the car as shown in the picture. *recommended to have 100 brush presure step3: using the reconstruct tool go over the picture and reconstruct parts of the picture you want to be back to normal. For example all the blury part of the car you reconstruct and also if there is blury parts on the picture you go and reconstruct that. Its basically just reconstructing the picture back to its normal form but instead of reconstructing the whole car only reconstruct half the car and reconstruct the door lines and front and rear spoilers so it doesn't look like its been editored. step4: this is final product, note that this is a VERY quick done picture but if you want to make it look even better take some time in reconstructing and mix in colour so that it blends in with the car colours
  4. thought ill just add this one in too http://www.sphosting.com/teamp/skylinewall.jpg
  5. Adobe Photoshop 7.0 and get some plugins for them if you need the extra graphics thats about all you need if u know how to use it, im also still learning it and i find that its the best one to use by far compared to many others programs
  6. http://www.sphosting.com/teamp/supravskyline.jpg this is the low quality one
  7. sash

    My 1st attempt...

  8. sash

    :some r33

    http://www.sphosting.com/teamp/skyline%20r33.jpg just a ordinary wallpaper nothing speacil (but saved as poor quality cause of size)
  9. sash

    My 1st attempt...

    its good, but i think around the front tyre there is abit of grey colour at the bottom, maybe not cut properly?
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