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  1. Original turbo checking in. 200,000km++ and ready to blow at any moment 😄
  2. Thanks guys. I got the Splitfires, installed them on the weekend, cleared my ECU fault 320 and now the car's running like a dream.
  3. I need to get some new coil packs for my M35 VQ25DET ('02 model axis). I've got the part number 22448-AL615. Where can I get a set for a decent price that aren't trash? Ebay stuff is $180-280 a set for no name chinese stuff that I don't really want to take a chance on. Not sure where to get name brand stuff locally. Any suggestions?
  4. Bumping this. Rego coming up this month, need to get this sorted ASAP...
  5. Still got that radiator? Decent condition? I'm local, can come collect.
  6. WTB: M35 Headlight Ballasts or complete headlights My driver side headlight has stopped working and the globes and circuits seem fine. I'm after a working ballast to replace the factory one. PM here please if you've got one. Alternatively, i'd take a pair of complete working headlights.
  7. cha_cha_

    spot the stagea

    i think i saw the only m35 in darwin this afternoon.
  8. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Nissan-M35-Stagea-AXIS-AUTECH-Edition-Turbo-Wagon-/330646897459?pt=AU_Cars&hash=item4cfc174333 i have nothing to do with this car, just wondering why it's so cheap...
  9. hey dale, mine's the silver axis around blaxland. it doesn't get out very much though so i don't know if you would have seen it... i'll keep an eye out for you.
  10. located in sydney's lower blue mountains... looking at a few guides for installing walbros into 350zs (i can't find a guide for an m35), a factory replacement would be good. i have the skills to do the job, but i don't think i really have the time to get it done on the weekend along with everything else i need to do :\
  11. so my m35 stagea didn't start the other day. the normally noisy fuel pump is clearly not priming when i turn the key so i'm almost 100% certain that it's dead. I've pulled the plug on it and checked that it's getting 12V (which it is) so it's a pump problem, not an imobiliser or supply problem. Sorry for the fresh thread, but I've searched and i'm still not entirely sure what the best way to go is for a replacement. I found nissan factory replacements for ~$400, too much info on scottym35's twin pumps, but nothing concrete on the "right" way to just replace my factory pump. I'm not modding anything else at this stage so just a standard or slightly better pump is fine for my needs. I'm thinking walbro as i understand i can just get the walbro 255 GSS342 for 350z or infinity and retro fit it with minimal complications - is this true? what about the bosch 044? is this a similarly easy installation? also, where's the best place to source one? i'm in no rush so i'm happy to buy online and wait a week or so but i don't want to get an ebay fake like the ones that were floating around a while back. can anyone recommend a good local or international store? Any advice on the installation? i'm keen to do it myself to save on labour and towing but obviously playing with the fuel system is something that i want to get right... Thanks guys
  12. for the record, the samsung galaxy s will do it (NTSC) via the nokia 3.5mm -> 3x RCA cable, but the output isn't perfect - although i've heard of others getting perfect results, my phone has a pretty noticeable hum going on when video out is enabled so the RCA audio quality is very, very poor. regular audio (ie, 3.5mm with the tv-out option switched off) sounds great though. the next round of phones (like the sgs 2) will come with hdmi outputs via microusb so my plan is to grab one of them and downgrade the output to composite before i plug it into my tuner... as for google maps, i haven't had those sort of problems since the last big update a few months ago, but yes, it was very frustrating. i'm more annoyed when it makes up routes or sends you in loops for no reason though... i think you certainly get what you pay for, but in my case the price is right.
  13. newest version of google maps does route caching - you tell it where you want to go while you have reception, it caches all the route data for you so you can travel without the need for more data. i presume it falls over if you need to re-route. ymmv, but i've never had issues with google maps using too much bandwidth and i'm on three...
  14. big change to inner and outer doesn't sound at all positive. and no, unfortunately i don't have 499 friends... keep me posted, but if there's no positive news within the next week or 2 i'll just go with the normal version and put a converter in
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