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  1. Have a full set of brembo calipers. Fronts new Rears used Current series used in gt sprint and endurance, nismo r35 gt3. Front XBO.64.01/02 Rear Xbo.L2.53/54 $8000 + freight
  2. Hello, I have a full bolt on kit for 32,33 and 34 gtr. X2 380x40mm ap disc X2 355x32mm ap disc X2 Alcon racing 6 piston caliper, titanium pistons, monobloc. X2 Alcon racing 4 piston caliper, titanium pistons, monobloc. X4 pads front. X4 pads rear. X48 ap racing T-bobbin kits. X2 front hats. X2 rear hats with park brake provision. X2 front dog bones. X2 rear dog bones. X8 12-point caliper bolts. Price $8000 The ultimate brake kit for track dutys like timeattack, spare hats and discs available at negotiations. Can post world wide.
  3. Fronts only, i could sorce rear calipers and make a full kit with pads.
  4. Best ap racing calipers Have a few sets of ap calipers. See photos, 6 pot, monoblocs with open swing bridge for fast pad change. Up to 390mm rotor capacity, minimum 340mm. Top calipers $2800 per set Bottom calipers $3100 per set. Post world wide. Rotors available. PH 0431113255.
  5. New brake hats/bells suit skyline Hello, I was going through storage and found 2 sets of hats front and rear, left and right. Front hat: 12 bolt floating system. Rotor 375-380mm Bobbin pcd 246-248.5mm Rear hat: Park brake ring in hat so you keep the hand brake. 12 bolt float system. Rotor 343-355mm Bobbin pcd 226.5-229mm 2 front and 2 rear can do for $1150 going cheap for quick sale. Ship world wide. Ph 0431113255.
  6. Hello, I have managed more pair if any one is interested. i was going to keep for display. details as above
  7. Hello, If anyone has missed out from last time, I have some brand new cp5095 Only 2 sets available. Won't last long. Can supply rotors, hardware and machining to suit any application. $3700. Ph: 0431113255.
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