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  1. Low ballers welcome.. Car needs to go.. PM away. Prefer someone here to get it. Sent from my PadFone
  2. Open to offers peoples... Feel free to Pm any across. Sent from my PadFone
  3. Up for sale is my R33 which I've owned for a couple of years. This has been my daily driver up until a few months ago. I no longer require a car to get to work, so i'm selling it off. The car will be sold as is. There will be no RWC supplied or rego as stated below. This car would be perfect for track, parts or as a daily again. The following are some pros and cons of the car; Pros; Engine: Aftermarket Oil Catch can Upgraded Turbo Low mount (10psi) Genuine Greddy BOV plumbed back Custom Valley Cover and paint Greddy Style forward facing plenum (Chrome) Cusco style front strut bar Hybrid Front mount intercooler K&N Pod filter, chrome pipe and custom air box (Included, not installed) All round Koni adjustable shocks Clutch master and slave replaced. Brand new (Only weeks old) K&N Oil filter and oil sandwich plate Nitrous, full tank included (Running a safe mix. Boost around 35HP. Automatic WOT switch.) Gearbox replaced 20/06/2011 (Receipt provided) Jasma full exhaust system Interior: 5 x RaceTech (Defi copy) Gauges. Include, Oil pressure, Boost (PSI), Oil Temp, Water Temp, & Volt. Driver side pillar gauge mount Isotta Evoluzione leather steering wheel HKS Turbo timer Apexi AFC Neo Colour Jensen DVD Headunit Short Shifter US Audio rear speakers Tomei HICAS lock Full service manual print out. Exterior: GTR style side skirts, rear pods Genuine GTR rear spoiler/wing Included but no installed; Spare series 1 front bar and indicators, stock exhaust (full bolt on), unknown canon included, stock steering wheel. Various bits and pieces. Now for the cons; Clutch has minor slipping problem. Doesn't pop out of gear or anything. When warm, it lags a little when taking off. The mechanic said it would be around $680 including labor to replace it out. Three tyres would need replacing for a RWC. Minor scratches and 2 dents (shown in picture). Small tear in drivers side seat. Front bumper is black and stock. Needs to be spayed or switched out for GTR style. I previously had a GTR bar on. But it got to damaged from having a low driveway. Other than that. No real major problems. Car can be driven, so no issues getting it back to your place. I will NOT be providing plates or a RWC. Reason why I'm asking such a low price for the car. You are more than welcome to come have a look at the car. Most weekends are good, or sometime after 4pm. Car is located in Oakleigh South. Please PM or email with any questions or queries. No low ballers please Car is sold "AS IS". No rego, No RWC, No plates. Turbo specs as follow; Steel internals Water-cooling and oil cooling Internal wastegate and Journal bearing Turbine housing: A/R .63 with T3 flange. Turbine wheel outlet 48mm, outer diameter 64.5mm Compressor housing A/R=0.5 48 trim compressor; inducer 53mm, exducer 76.5mm I reserve the right to remove listing at anytime due to being advertised elsewhere.
  4. I'm thinking I'll replace the master cylinder next... Would this allow to maybe start working again and then fail? cause that's what ended up happening after I changed the slave and bleed the lines.
  5. The only way I can move the fork is by tapping it really... I couldn't move it by hand at all. But is saying that, pulling it towards the front of the car it gets to a point and loosens up. On a side note I checked the pivot ball and that's all good. Its so odd.. Just feels like no pressure on the pedal, like the brake has....
  6. Hey All, It's been a while since I last posted. Everything has been running great and I've had no issues for years until now. "Why won't my clutch pedal return even after changing a "clutch slave cylinder"? The Story; The other day I was going for a drive and within 10 mins of driving my clutch pedal played up. I was stopped at a set of lights with my car not in gear, but I did have my foot on the clutch. Out of nowhere, I heard/felt a massive "clunk" noise from poss under the car. Now, I did have the air-con on and thought it may have been just that kicking back in. Then the light changed "green" and I started to lift my foot from the clutch but the clutch wasn't following. I tried to get the car into gear with no luck at all and the clutch pedal still flat to the floor. I managed to get it off the road and try to suss out what was going on. I lifted the pedal by hand and it stayed, but the minute I pushed on it. It would flick back to the floor. I left the car for the day and came back to it later on. The pedal seemed to have got some pressure back into it. It was only minimal, but enough to get the car into 2nd and drive it home. I got the car up on the stands and had a look underneath. I couldn't see any stand out problems, but I was fiddling with the clutch fork and clutch slave cylinder and I managed to get more pedal pressure. I instantly thought it had something to do with the "clutch slave cylinder". After replacing that today and bleeding the lines. The clutch is back to how it was when the problem started. So now I'm stuck, any ideas or help would be great. Just don't have a lot of coin to throw around... Cheers for reading and thanks in advance.
  7. Hi all Chasing a front bar to suit a R33... looking for stock, any colour and decentish shape. Pref. VIC.. Please PM or post up here. Cheees
  8. Can anyone confirm this please? Putting pressure in the plenum you could find the leak like this?
  9. yeh, its FReddy. Think ill just take it off.
  10. Yeh, I've gone over the whole system. Double hose clamped some connections too. Really don't want to remove it again. Like I said before, pain in the ! I'm just kinda confused. I thought if you put pressure in the plenum you could find the leak like that?
  11. Thinking i might have to do that. Looks like next weekends project. Ive pressurised the plenum to around 10psi but i couldnt seem to hear anything. Cheers again guys
  12. Oh ok. No real way of checking for the boost leak at home? Im fearing having to take the plenum off. Lol. Was a pain in the arse to get it on. If it has to be done tho. Better off doing it sooner then later i guess. Cheers guys
  13. Hi all, Recently did the greddy front plenum change on a R33 gtst and I seem to have come across a problem. When the car gets up to around 7-8 psi of boost (upgraded turbo) there is a loud howl from the intake plenum... Ive done a vacuum leak test with a compressor and cant seem to fund any leaks??? Is this sound caused from a higher rate of air flow due to being a front facing plenum or something more to it? The car doesnt idle funny or anything. Seems to build boost fine. Altho I havent been going above the 8 psi at all. Any info would be great. Cheers
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