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  1. Cheers guys, I'll definitely check those sites out. Aaron
  2. Hey Guys, new to the forum but have a frew mates that say there's a wealth of knowledge and am wondering if anyone could help mem out. I own a U12 Pintara which I bought for a second car to run about in when the other half is using our main car. I also bought it becuase I wanted to learn about cars in general and was told it's a pretty simple car to work on etc. I'm thinking of chaning the engine in the near future (purely for shits and giggles) and have been trying to find out as much info on it as possible. Anyway long story short my research led me to a thread that said that a CA20E can be swapped for a CA18DET. Mates have also suggested an SR20 but from what I've read the CA18 and CA20 have the same engine mounts, so I'm assuming that's less messing about over all. Wondering if there's anybody that has done it and if so what problems there where etc. Also anyone who wants to elighten me with further info that'd be great too. I'm pretty new to the "car world" so don't know a great deal but am a quick learner. Cheers Aaron Edit: sorry this is posted in general maintenance, wasn't where else to pop the bugger.
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