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  1. I wont be able to make this now 
  2. do you put the foto's up you took that night anywhere Joel?
  3. i might actually go the whole the whole cruise this time
  4. spotted a dark grey or black r32 on quakers parkway last night about 8.30pm. sounded pretty sexy
  5. Drove a few hundred meters with a Yellow R34 GT-T with a nice vented black hood behind me down SunnyHolt road on Sunday about 3.45pm. I was in my white R34 GT with the carbon hood
  6. spotted a grey r32 gtr friday night at marayong indoor sport centre, a white r33 on quakershill parkway bridge this morning and a blue r34 gt on gret western highway that i got a nod from
  7. just spotted a white R33 with big chromes parked at the BP servo on abott road
  8. Sounds good, anyone from the blacktown area want to meet up at wood croft maccas an hour before hand?
  9. Spotted a black R34 GT-T on the way to work this morning going past me through abott rd/old Windsor road lights heading towards parra at about 8.20am
  10. i had a great time for my first meet. thanks for having me! couldnt believe how awesome this kinda scene could be! definite addiction just began
  11. i live in quakershill so meeting at woodcroft maccas is perfect. thanks for the warm welcome
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