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  1. Mine is at 130k (dont know if it's genuine). Had it since 78,000ks. 4 years. Only had minor issues. Wheel bearing, radiator, AFM, and a leak from an aspect of the fuel rail. All fixed by Scotty! (thanks mate!).
  2. anyone ever find a part number for these? or an appropriate aftermarket unit?
  3. yeah mate. running real well i reckon that atessa bleed has helped too.. just need to do that dif bush let me know when you get em in
  4. just an update for those following and or having the same problem. My car was due for a front right wheel bearing.. This seems to have been causing issues with the atessa. making the car pulse power to the front wheels when cruising (50-80kmh). Also even gave me a symptom like fuel cut when using near or wide open throttle. both these things have been fixed by the wheel bearing replacement.. (thanks Scotty!). quite strange. we bled the atessa fluid too. so now i am back tot he occasional blip of front torque when going from first to second.. no other symptoms..
  5. thought id do a big bump on this one.. I am still getting the blip of power to the front wheels (shows up on the front torque gauge) now and then usually when the gearbox shifts from first to second gear.. no 4WD light ever. (thanks scotty - that was just a faulty relay). Though this blip of power to the front wheels even when using very low throttle causes the car to do a very ugly shift into second. or very occasionally a slight surge at 60-70kmh. If i pull the relay and have the 4WD light come on (hence RWD only) car is smooth as silk. also smooth as silk if i flick to synchro. Anyone else have this problem? Going to bleed the atessa with scotty in the next couple of weeks though would like to see if anyone else has any ideas. just been doing some googling. Some people are saying that it can be caused by non-matching front and rear tires.. I run factory ARX 18's they did come with 235/50/18 though i changed them to 245/45/18. surely it cant be that?? Cheers.
  6. thanks bud will do just out of interest who did your boot?
  7. thats pretty scary.. yeah had a CV boot replaced about 10 weeks ago.. i watched the guy do it.. seemed to do it well.. have checked it its still intact..
  8. no love? that's ok i got under it on the weekend. front right wheel bearing needs replacing
  9. hey Rudi did this fix your issue? i got the same noise going on.. and same vibration through the throttle peddle... noise is far my noticeable above 70kmh for me.. hope its BOV and not something more sinister
  10. Sage222

    M35 To Rwd?

    so no one has done this for 5000ks or more?
  11. Sage222

    M35 To Rwd?

    big bump. now i am thinking about doing this.. anymore feedback on the job? anyone drove around in RWD for extended periods? any concerns? is the car technically roadworthy if you do this?
  12. yeah mate looking good. only done about 50Ks just taking it easily initially will give a squirt on the way home tonight. thanks again for help! btw if anyone else is interested final code was 0100.
  13. Would be f**king awesome mate. Just let me know when :-)
  14. hey Scotty what hardware do I need to read the code properly? it did start btw and I got it home just need to work out what's wrong now :-)
  15. Bugger. Even after clearing the code next start the cel returned. Attempted to drive it to pickup my kid from his grandma's it still was in limp mode though appeared to be driving ok. Filed it up with gas. Then picked up the kid and then it wouldn't start. Kicks over gets ignition tries to get the revs up to idle about a second and a half then stalls. f**k. Had to get the kid home so will have to go have a look tomorrow or Saturday. Will double check the cel and the hoses and connections though it sounding expensive. Strange that I managed to start it about 6 times and drove it for 40ks before it died. Only difference I can think of is that it's parked on a angle now. Maybe I'll Jack it up and start it. Really painful cause I didn't get it home.it's on the side of the road. Suggestions most welcome as always.
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