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  1. What you are referring to is the service key. Named that way so when you took your car in for service, you could lock your valuables in the boot or glovebox. You would naturally flick the lever in the boot to disengage the remote next to the seat. All R32 GT-R’s came standard with 1 GT-R key, 1 Normal Nissan key and 1 Nissan Service key. One has a roundish head and the other square/rectangular. If they are original keys from the factory then they should have a 4 digit code. I always pay extra and get new keys cut off the code rather than a 25+ year old key. This eliminates snagging using an old key. Cost difference is about $20 but well worth it. Cheers.. Bob.
  2. Hi John, I was only thinking of you the other day.... This poor old forum is like a ghost town now. Everybody is now on the R32 GT-R Facebook page. I'm a bit saddened to see you will be putting her up for sale but certainly understand where you are coming from. Mine's been unregistered for over 5 years and been in storage since last year. Out of sight, out of mind. Anyway, good luck with the sale but I suspect your best bet will be Carsales. Cheers....... Bob.
  3. Yes it is, many think it is different because it is so totally different but it's not. Same paint. Cheers......
  4. You are 100% correct........ It has been outlawed for consumer loans but is still in effect for business or commercial leases etc.
  5. Correct....... Unless you have the correct software calculators it's near impossible to get close to an accurate figure. The initial amount borrowed, the term, the interest rate, duration of the loan, whether there is a residual amount (if commercial lease) all play a part in the final payout figure. Some institutions may have a payout calculator on their websites but realistically, as the previous poster said, just ring them. Make sure you have all you loan information in front of you when you do for ID purposes. Cheers, Bob.
  6. Ok, please be a bit more specific...... My Nissan Tag, block and my engine number in the owner's manual are all the same per attached photos. What does yours say?
  7. BTW.. Congratulations on your purchase. They are great cars and you will love it! Bob.
  8. Ummm.. Try 27 year old averaging 6,222kms per year! 😀😀😀😀
  9. Have a good look through here - http://gtr-registry.com/index.php?id=29 Cheers, Bob.
  10. Yeah....... I've always conceded that when I was young, I spent my money on cars, girls and grog..........The rest I wasted! Bob.
  11. Correct.. Both my ADM and V-Spec II renewals arrived this week. Both agreed values remained the same but fortunately the premiums came down exactly 3% on both.. Cheers.. Bob.
  12. I'm pretty sure you can......... My mate has an R32 GT-R that was 100% stock including radio and exhaust. He added a boost controller and cat back exhaust and picked up approx 25awk. No tuning was done. I think the problem will start if you start changing injectors etc. Just ring any respectable tuning mob and they will tell you. Cheers...... Bob.
  13. This is quite possibly the same seller as previously as he had 5 all up. Maybe this one in November then early next year. Bob.
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