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  1. I should be there too....... Bob.
  2. Cool....... I was going to bring the DeLorean! Cheers, Bob.
  3. Do I need a time machine or do you mean July 9?
  4. Fun day!
  5. What about this one - About $82,000 Aussie Dollars. Bob.
  6. That's $55,000 Aussie Dollars. Probably worth a tad more but good buying at that. Bob.
  7. Not sure, but I was there - Cheers...... Bob.
  8. Not much........ Dealer fitted option. $30-$40 tops........ (Remember 26 years ago). I couldn't get mine off fast enough. Bob.
  9. No...... That is not the version fitted to R32's. They were a (very ugly) generic version with NISSAN printed on the back. Trust me you don't want them. They needed to be cut to fit, bloody horrible things. Photo attached.
  11. Correct.
  12. nsw/act 

    Hard Pipe Kit SOLD. Other items still available.
  13. Yeah.. Sorry guys, false alarm .😩😩😩 Somehow it dropped of my saved list and then I couldn't get the link on page 1 to work so presumed it sold. Apologies..... Bob.
  14. Unigroup in Girraween are very good too..
  15. SOLD........... Anybody from here buy it?