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  1. Another price change...........
  2. So what has changed in 24hrs for the price to go up $15K? 50 Phone calls?
  3. Up she goes, another $15,000.00
  4. Per attachment. No such Homologation was required..... The 560 1990 Nismo cars did that.
  5. No..... Just did some detective work to confirm the build number......... Vehicle Registration Enquiry.pdf
  6. They sold 100 not 70, there are 30 Black ones not 25, they were $112,995.00, not $121,995.00. Build Number 66........ Cheers....... Bob.
  7. Normal day, normal conditions approx 85 degrees
  8. Normal day, normal conditions approx 85 degrees
  9. New ones have been unavailable for a long time. You can however by the Silver V-Spec versions new from Amayama for $26.93 ea plus postage and paint them grey yourself. Here - Cheers....... Bob.
  10. You have a PM........ Bob.
  11. I went and looked at this car a few months ago for a Victorian member....... It's OK but as prices have continued to rise it's becoming realistic. I think they wanted nearly $50K when I looked at it. At $42-$43K it would be about right. Cheers, Bob.
  12. If you get stuck I'm sure you can get them here - Cheers, Bob.
  13. Take it to a reputable wheel repair business and get them to confirm it is stuffed. Where are you located? Bob.
  14. Were you the seller to Nissan?
  15. Wow..... Just found this......