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  1. Well done!!!!!!! Good to see it went to a respectful owner...... I'm just about to leave as my AH3 ADM is participating in a Pride of Ownership Day today. This is a pic of her after a quick wash yesterday.. Cheers, Bob.
  2. Fair enough......... Yep ..... Win some and you lose some. All about timing eh! Here are some memory photos. Cheers.... Bob.
  3. Oh ok..... As long as it wasn't 5 minutes later! I'd be happy to buy it back at your purchase price, plus all repair costs, transport costs plus 3% interest compounding per year you have had it, plus your rego fees plus freight back to Sydney.......... Deal? Bob.
  4. Hi Pete, nice to hear from you..... The clutch and shifter I get, I too would have changed those had I kept the car. The other items surprise me as all was working well when I sold it to you. Admittedly, that was a few years ago now. How long after buying the car did the air-conditioning and master cylinder play up? Ta...... Bob.
  5. Congratulations on the purchase........... Interesting car. How's the black car going? Any pics? Updates? Anything? It's one of the few cars I actually regret selling. Cheers...... Bob.
  6. It was never advertised. I'd need to put my paint thickness gauge to check. Looked ok to me when I saw it at the GT-R Festival.
  7. Correct, last service was 20 years ago when it had 48,000 kms. Just needs a good front to back overhaul.
  8. Strange, works for me. Can someone else confirm please?
  9. Photos seem better here - Bob.
  10. Photos now up..... Looks stunning. I saw it at the GT-R Festival this year. I've heard they are negotiable for a quick sale..... Bob.
  11. His reviews seem excellent...... Bob.
  12. Yes but you are up for $15K-$20K to get it to that condition. At $40,000-$42,000 you have a decent project car on your hands. I'd try and track down a conventional 260 kph speedo (Will have Nismo or some other branding) as the non branded version was ONLY on ADM's. At least it will look normal and change out the centre gauges too. Find a period correct AM FM radio and the interior will look somewhat liveable. May be a bit of mucking around but its probably the only way someone will own a half decent sub $60K ADM. Yes, car now listed for $44,990.00 Bob.
  13. I like to work backwards....... The bare facts: ADM with no books. 187,000 kms with non original cluster. Anybody's guess as to the real mileage. Average condition at best. Needs mechanical work and overall minor restoration.. Ok if the car was in excellent condition, no books and required nothing to be spent and paint, body and interior were all good, I'd value the car at $60K. Simply calculate what it would cost to get the car into this condition. Realistically I'd say the car's worth $40k-$45k depending on the costs and your ability to do the work yourself. Alternatively, if your a clutz like me, then everything come with a $120.00 per hour bill! Cheers, Bob.
  14. So, in otherwords an absolute piece of sh!t.......