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  1. Aussie_Delivered_R32_GTR

    Sorry I can't help you but try Erwin at Skyline Spares - (02) 9725 2569
  2. Aussie_Delivered_R32_GTR

    I'm not sure if this has been mentioned but all 3 cars are now listed with NO RESERVE! Cheers, Bob.
  3. Aussie_Delivered_R32_GTR

    He must of been desperate for the cash. I know 3 people salivating for one! Anyway, congrats on the sale.
  4. Aussie_Delivered_R32_GTR

    OK cool........ Keen to see extensive photos. Please make sure you include books, keys, compendium, service history and period correct artifacts. Collectors love this kind of stuff.
  5. Aussie_Delivered_R32_GTR

    Ok.. What’s the difference between a V-Spec engine and a standard one?
  6. Aussie_Delivered_R32_GTR

    Ok........ We need a bit more details: Mileage? Does it have original books? Compendium? Service history? Heaps more photos please. This is just for starters. Ta........
  7. Aussie_Delivered_R32_GTR

    How much does he want for it besides as much as possible?
  8. Aussie_Delivered_R32_GTR

    The black is build number 98 and I too haven't seen it before. The silver car is #8 as the plate suggests. This car has done the rounds in our discussions before. Originally in Adelaide then went to Melbourne. Low mileage car but no documentation to validate at time of sale. Did it look like a sub 40,000km car? Shame I missed it. It must have arrived late. The red one next to it is a lovely car, previously owned by my mate, I know it well. Cheers, Bob.
  9. Aussie_Delivered_R32_GTR

    Thanks for the info. Figured that it was a bit of a coincidence that another ADM of the same colour was for private sale in the same postcode. Yeah.... I've spoken to the owner on a number of occasions and as he says in his ad, he's owned the car for 20 years. This is a lovely original car that has never been molested and then brought back to OEM. The owner is a mature chap that simply has no more need for the car. From all the conversations I've had with him (about 5 over the last 3 years) he seems like an outright gentlemen and that's exactly the type of person I like buying cars from. Anyone in the market should go and look at it. Cheers, Bob.
  10. Aussie_Delivered_R32_GTR

    I am pretty sure the current owner had it for sale during 2015-2016 for around $45k This is not that car.. Nissan now own that car. Same colour and very similar mileage but definitely not the same car. The maths is correct though, they have doubled in value over the last 3 years. I had a black one with similar mileage and it took me 7 months to sell. It too would be an $80k + car and sell in 7 days. Cheers... Bob.
  11. Aussie_Delivered_R32_GTR

    Congrats......... You will love it!
  12. Aussie_Delivered_R32_GTR

    WOW....... I think it's cold when it below 13oC!
  13. Aussie_Delivered_R32_GTR

    Firstly, hang in there....... You will eventually find something providing your options are not too limited. I was talking to a mate of mine over coffee this morning about these type of posts. As someone who has been in the GT-R fraternity for over 7 years, owned 5 cars and currently own two, I've been a little blasé when people are looking for cars........... I'm now on the other side of the fence like you, looking for either a neat ADM 300ZX or ADM Mitsubishi 3000GT....... Needle in a haystack stuff to find something acceptable, with realistic mileage, in reasonable/good condition with books and history. I feel your pain, keen to get something with next to nothing on offer. Anyway, good luck and the hunt continues. Bob.
  14. Aussie_Delivered_R32_GTR

    Sorry boys, I'm out.
  15. Aussie_Delivered_R32_GTR

    I'm in but probably only till halfway...... Cheers..... Bob.