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  1. I'm in for this plus a friend is coming in his hsv commodore
  2. I'll be in for this one, plus a friend is thinking of coming as well with his r35 he wont know till next week.
  3. Hi Todd i have a set of r32 gtst stock rims available there in 75% condition. I'm at Schofields if you're interested.
  4. R32 gtr rb26 Precision 6262 25 psi E85 Full street trim 18 inch federal rsrr 10.85 134 mph I couldnt get my 60 foot time any quicker than 1.81
  5. Clearing out some spare parts 1. Power fc d jetro to suit r32 r33 gtr comes with hand controller and map sensors good condition $600 2. Ross crank trigger signal conveter part #306001 was wired to power fc. I'm unsure of what other ecu this maybe compatible with $100 3. Sard 800cc injectors removed from r32 gtr with plugs will need new pins only ever used with petrol $250 4. Tomie rb26 sump bafle only used for approx 3000 kms. One rubber trap door is a little twisted may be missing some bolts $80 5. R32 gtr 3.5 inch cat (i think 100 cell) and 3.5 inch decat pipe in good condition both with egt port $200 6. R32 gtr hot side intercooler hard pipe kit (just jap) with hoses and clamps. I purchased this for the cold side only $50 7. R33 series 3 std gear set and sandwich plate brand new. I purchased a new gearbox from just jap and replaced all these parts with an os giken 1-5 gearset $350 8. R33 gtr pull style gearbox front cover brand new with gasket also push style slave cylinder brand new $200 All parts are located at Schofields western sydney feel free to contact me on 0407701876 I'm not always available to check online messages. Chris
  6. Just emailed entry form and made payment for display/show and shine, is it possible to enter drags as well as display/show and shine? Still not sure if i feel like breaking my car.
  7. Hi Dan I'm running a precision 6262 twin scroll journal bearing turbo on my r32 gtr and love it. My current combo is making 390 rwkw on a built 2.6 ltr with uni group cams and 800cc sard injectors through a power fc d jetro on pump 98. It's hitting full boost (21psi) at 4300rpm and keeps pulling till atleast 8000rpm. I did have a little lag between 2nd and third but my os giken close ratio gear set has fixed that. Car is currently at uni group getting an e flex tune on there new 4wd dyno should see 420 awkw hopefuly. Chris
  8. count me in for this one i've been waiting for an opportunity to drive the mac pass
  9. i picked up a copy from the newsagent at plumpton marketplace last sunday after trying two other newsagents local to me. i was stoked to see heaps of shots with my car and myself in them. the feature on the gibson motorsport GTR's is also great i've been looking for info on these for ages. thanks again Terry and everyone else that helped to organise such a great day.
  10. GTR32F is me, i don't remember seeing you it's been almost 5 weeks. Thanks for the comment too
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