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  1. motor getting rebuild....

  2. still trying to find prob.

  3. not sure how to add post up in forums.
  4. thanks for replys awesome stuff i recently replaced air flow meter but will clean it again. will check for leaks again may be one somewhere.
  5. kbkautomotive

    Rb25 - R32

    g day, just chasing prob in my car. it stalls while driving. idles funny. stalls while idling. i am just looking for pointers. will check out aac valve tomorrow. has new plugs and coil packs. 02 sensor playing up and am waiting for one to come. have looked at fuel pressure when starts doing its thing seems to be fine. does pump pressure dropping ressitor have much to do with this, car is auto, i am using a r33 auto computer. my auto is the original r32. its wierd it goes great sometimes then bad others, has tommy kira intercooler (fits in standard place) no other mods appart from turbosmart single stage boost controller. which does not seem to allow car to boost pass 10 psi. any help would be great... i will keep perservering. lol Thanks heaps Ken Laing...
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    my toys

    love them
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