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  1. Used complete set Fullrace RB26 Twin Turbo EFR7163 for sale.- Turbo manifold and downpipe done Ceramic coating 2000 degree silver colour.- Upgrade to turbosmart actuator and turbosmart bov cover.- use for 2000 km only. Seldom drive the car. - make 1.8bar 750rwhp on dynojet ( pump gas 97 )- pristine condition.This set turbo buy new from Fullrace is 7299 usd plus shipping. Add another 900 usd for upgrade turbosmart. total price 8199 usd.Now selling 5600 usd include shipping.My loss, your gain.Serious buyer only. Item is very heavy, shipping charges can cost me easily for 600 usd. Contact number 0168398739 whatsapp.Thank you
  2. One set used RB26 Fullrace Twin 7163 turbo kits for sale. Currently just done install and tuning. Result is 1.6bar 694whp. only run around 500km. Reason for sale, going for bigger. I buy this kits 7299 usd . Yes this consider used, but this is just run 500km. and the car still in the workshop, as i thinking to sell the turbo kits. No low baller, please offer me reasonable price, if you are keen. Thanks
  3. Thanks for reply. What else brand map sensor is available in market which is suitablr for pfc d jetro? Because i found the one apexi map sensor is 3bar. I have okada coil plasma for ignition, yes, 3.5 inch exhaust. 694whp is for twin 7163 on rear wheel. Yeah, i saw online the turbo is rated that. Thats why i am a bit dissapointed i cant get what i target. Lol...
  4. Cant find much info about EFR7163 on here.So i decide to make a thread.Currently my car set up is full build OS Giken RB31 with Naprec head build , upgrade fuel parts, with FullRace EFR7163, with PFC D jetro.Yesterday is my car tuning day, When first 1.2 bar it just get around 640whp. until 1.6 bar it just 694whp. I am abit dissapointed with the results. We try to get more boost, but seems like the MAP Sensor cant handle more boost than 1.6 bar, need to switch to bigger map sensor maybe 3bar or 5bar. We guess 2bar which is max boost for this turbo.My Question is, How many whp can this turbo get ? Its run with RON 97.Starting my target is around 800whp - 850whp. But now seems like a bit hard, as reach 1.6bar still just 694whp. Fullrace did tell me this kits can make 800whp-850whp. But i dont know what is the problem cause. Fuel supply is still very enough.Is my ECU Too old for this ?Thanks Guys.
  5. first, i didnt force you reply me. yes, my english not good. so what? i cannot join the forum and post whatever i like? before i post what have to ask your for permission? you are those like to make quarell, right? i know your english is well. poor bloke? i had do research, but i still wanna post to ask here, how? did offend you? do you need to offend me? yes, you are better than me, but still a lot people better than you. if you dont like , you can choose click other topic, don click this. Today you offend me. you will be offend by other in one day. Dont worry, i dont mind what you say.
  6. hello, Guys i am doing some research about R35. i heard a lot people say R35 is not good. has many problem. and too sensitive. is that right? transmission have problem? What else problem? is that true? even BNR34 is better a lot, is it? Lets share about R35 advantage and disadvantage. is it better than his younger brother BNR34 GTR? and i found R35 aftermarket parts are super expensive! So hows you think about r35? Please share with us about your experience and comment. We learn together. Cheers
  7. Helo, Is the HKS Hard Piping Kit for Intercooler, BCNR33 and BNR34 GT-R, used kit still available? Mind to ask is it possible to send to malaysia? My email netking_311@yahoo.com
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