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  1. What? We need to go full hommo with tow straps and stickers? but i tease people that put them on their street cars.
  2. will pay once i get my car back. It's been 5 weeks now for a head gasket...... starting to be not happy...
  3. didnt someone try this before and got blasted hard?
  4. 100% go cams. you pay more, get more and AASA are hopelesssssss..... trust me on that.
  5. looks awesome. I myself would get the cranks at the lighter plug as i use it all the time. I'd have chopped the connector off and hard wired it onto the lighter cables behind the dash.
  6. ianjb

    Dump Test

    Dear MR Bot. Your dump was successful.
  7. You do need either CAMS or AASA, this is a rule and you wont get on the track without it.. (Without saying too much, 'I Highly recommend going CAMS'.... Its easily done online.) 1st time is awesome, some of us (me) are shit slow and are only there to enjoy the day. You wont be put on the track with the big cars / drivers, don't worry. Hit up some of the more experienced guys to drive around with you if you're a little nervous, I've been to 3-4 track days & I still intend to get a co-victim on my first go. (never done this part of the course myself) You'll get heaps of tips and advice throughout the day when you talk all the other guys
  8. 1 Job Rhys. 1 Job. How do you expect to move up positions in this organisation if you cant provide shirts?
  9. yeah i paid 2 weeks ago.. dunno if i need to post here. spoke to rhyse, he confirmed my shirt orders were fine so i assume the texi is too. PS i want my shirts at texi Rhys
  10. old post... is this still happening? problem 1 rename them to 'buying' and 'selling' & make a new 1 as 'trade partners' put all the other ones as sub forums. Buying will be at the top as alphabetics, less to choose from = less people will be lazy. Problem 2 i have nothing.
  11. never played minecraft myself. Still play NMS now and then
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