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  1. R33 gtst Do-Luck chassis bracing kit. This looks like a roll-cage but isn't, it serves the purpose of stiffening up the rear part of the car. Same thing as this http://www.jdmautolink.net/2019/01/do-luck-rear-tension-set-bcnr33bnr34-05.html In my discussions with a Senior Inspector from Qld Transport, this does not require certification/mod plate as per his email " In reference to your Rear Tension Set I have done some research and I agree that it is not ROPS and as long as it does not affect the ability of the vehicle to comply with an acceptable level of occupant protection and comfort therefore with the padding you have applied and providing the device does not obstruct passenger access or headspace then I see no issue. " It is LIGHT so, can post anywhere in aus at your cost, or pickup in Brisbane. $375 + any postage cost, I estimate around $30-40 to most delivery areas.
  2. Rb20 are still available but definitely dont work in rb25, fyi
  3. I recently posted a dyno result for pretty much same setup as you; right in the 400whp mark at 21 ish psi. Not huge power but fairly usable for a circuit car IMO.
  4. if it's out of the car and the engine is coming out then, replace the bolts. It's what, $160ish? for arp bolts, and 5 min work on the press. If it's in the car still, then...hope for the best.
  5. put new ones in; pretty important fastener. I would, and did, use ARP's.
  6. Yrs, seatbelt place in qld, cant remember the name but will show in a google search. Mine is v.good quality and they do all colors not just shthouse black.
  7. I think those wheels use the oem centre and airbag so it is still the same, they just make a new wheel around the centre.
  8. Maybe something wrong with the way you search. I put in z32 r34 and first result that appeared was the comprehensive how to.
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