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  1. Would be bloody great if they were good as well as cheap!
  2. Keen to hear your thoughts on those new Nankangs Harry.
  3. Yeah if I lived in Tas and it all wasn't so far away and difficult to do I'd be there racing often. But alas it's not.
  4. No. Adam is a great mate and has sat beside me a couple of times in official roles. We will carry a couple things for him but I'm actually servicing for Closey. Getting into the whole "Spirit" this year and taking the boat over and back from Melbourne.
  5. Shame did thread kind of died in the arse - FB has a lot to answer for. See you there gents. I'm servicing for the first time ever this year, will be great to see the event from that perspective. It's going to be a great year, I'm sure the organisers have a bunch of cool things organized Good luck to you all!
  6. Not at all mate It's been too long since I competed and I'd dearly love to return! I'd need to convince Timmay to sit beside me again if I was to complete the dream
  7. Excellent. I'm a bit all over the shop with far too many projects going on. If I decide to go I'd be disappointed if I could spend the time to do it justice in the leadup. Hence I'm even considering the idea of leasing a car instead of readying my own (which just sits in the garage these days).
  8. Good innit! Now, don't Fawk around Fatz, take it up to Baz in The Battle of the Boats!
  9. You are reading the regs for MODERN. You need to read the regs for Early Modern For some reason it's not letting me copy/paste it. Refer page 30, Section M9 Twin Turbo Systems. Specifically lists 32/33/34 GTR and '92 - '02 RX7's.
  10. Have you read the rules Bazil? F-all has changed for EM and you can definately still have big singles for both GTR and RX7...... Link for those who want to read them; http://targa.com.au/tc/page_standard.asp?asset_id=11394- the Pdf on the right is the one you want.
  11. So big single turbo, E85, free computers, etc etc etc is "stock" is it? You're allowed all of that and more in Early Modern. So go and have a crack and don't let fear hold you back.
  12. Great effort by you and your father Liam, well done to you both! Great to catch up with everyone down there, as always
  13. See you all there. Heading down Sunday arv, stepping into the Trophy Sweep car, so will be mingling up near the front. Home early for beers though Very much looking forward to doing the traditional course again, albeit in a slightly altered, smoother layout. Sideling in the tradional direction is awesomesauce. Can't wait! What aren't you sure of Damo?
  14. I definately hear your side of the discussion mate. I've just never had the need to. I dunno, maybe just a long run of luck with the Yoki and Dunlop semis that I/we have used? Remember I did say that the more road biased Kuhmos I've used definately needed balancing.
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