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  1. Why don't you read the code and find out what's actually going on and fix it appropriately?
  2. Yeah they'll fit... You'd be better off getting a turbo motor though, cylinder heads are much better. Or if you want to cheap out, just run a NA neo on ethanol and run all the boost!
  3. Yeah that’s just the cover, paint was nicer than the other one. It had 26 cam covers too
  4. Yes you can do what you’re proposing. I regret deleting my heater every winter though lol.
  5. Hi All, I done gone broke a camshaft on the weekend and I'm having a dickens of a time trying to find a new one. The Cylinder head I've got is a R32 RB25DE head and I've broken the Exhaust cam. I'm really after some information regarding what cams from what other RBs I can put in there and have it work essentially. I found a nice table on the Tomei website about all the specifications of the cams in all the different RBs but I haven't been able to find any info on what cams will fit into what heads, are they all different? Are they all the same? Can you mix and match some and not others? https://www.tomeiusa.com/_2003web-catalogue/e090_camshaft-specs.html Any help anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated! I don't really want to buy new aftermarket cams if I don't have to.
  6. that's such a good picture Anyone got a R32 RB25DE CAM shaft?
  7. oooooh so many updates undocumented....
  8. awwww yeah. An engine me and my mate built in my garage made 269rwkw, did a drift practice day and lived to tell the tale. Bring on 2015 season.
  9. Cheers mate, Yeah I'm rather keen for TSS again, but my CAMS PCC licence expired, so I have to apply for that again which means another doctors visit, and because I'm not sick, it costs a lot of moneys
  10. It's back together again After the car collecting dust for a very long time, I have to move house, moving the car into my new garage spurs on my inspiration which was rekindled after three very good friends let me drive their cars while I tutor them at one of the Advanced driving courses I do. (Subaru RS Liberty, Subaru WRX STi Spec C, Nissan R32 Skyline. All very nice highly modified cars) So now with my new garage, quadruple the size of the old one with half the shit in it, I get to work, sort out all the bits I have and all the bits I need, watch every single jafromobile video on youtube and promptly get to work. 3 days of measuring, cleaning and spanner swinging later, and the engine is assembled Next step, get some mates around, and install the engine, then I've got a new fuel system and new brakes to go in also, then I'm good to go!
  11. Nice work, Mic! Great to see you back on the track again! Are you going to be joining us at Basky on the 21st for the advanced driving course?
  12. yeah you can BYO car, I can teach you the theory behind drifting, but I'm not sure how the rest of the gang will feel about actually doing it on that day. I can coach you on a Drift Practice day if you want? I organise all the Drift events here in Tasmania. For me Personally, I actually learnt a lot about car control from one of these courses which in turn helped my drifting out a lot. Definitely worth the $165, that's for sure.
  13. Maybe think about an easter trip? Good holiday times. Or if you don't like tonnes of people in all the tourist traps, I'd come the week after. I haven't lived out side tassie my whole life, but I noticed that life here is a lot slower than it seems on the big island. Up north is pretty chill but it's also a little more agricultural, focus on the cultural part of that too South is my favourite part though, you can be in the heart of Hobart and it's not unlike most other cities around the place, but you venture not 45 mins from the town center and you're in the country side and a totally different world. I work in IT at Port Arthur Historic Site, shoot me a PM if you're interested in visiting ;)
  14. $165 per person (BYO car) NO CAMS or club membership required.
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