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  1. Replaced front swaybar links. but it was on the Foresterer... I just wanted to bump up my old thread really. #zomfglmfaorofldiyhandjobspoont
  2. Please explain, We're curious, need closure and it may Help Others in the future.
  3. If Series 1 then yes it could be the igniter, could also be fuel pump related or could be faulty AFM or boost leak or vac leak since you've disturbed the piping. Engine needs Air, Fuel and Spark soooo... keep at it.
  4. Yeah ummm... Prolly not. My most recent vehicle purchase was $1300. There is an 02 StageA Axis in the For Sales for $6000 but you know... no RB grumblings.
  5. lol I spent years searching. Never wrapped them myself but I'd go from the bit that goes over the sparkplugs all the way up the shaft to the box! hmmm... sounds quite suggestive when you say it like that.
  6. Might be ok, but try the other things first (CRC and coil wrapping) and go from there. Heaps of info in this site about all these things as they have all been covered many many times over, so have a mad search, read up on R&R, misfires, Fuel pump installs etc etc. and go nuts! I know I sure did.
  7. No I would not as there's still too many variables. Start with the easy and cheap fixes and eliminate them first. What pump did you put in? Did you feed it a new 12 Volt line via a relay or just use existing wiring? Some after market pumps don't like old stock wiring. Check the coils for cracking and wrap the whole long bit to eliminate any arcing if need be.
  8. It's a little exxy but great stuff, I've used it on every car I've owned running a MAF and it has improved idle smoothness and fuel economy on all of them. Should be part of your general servicing and maintenance routine but is often forgotten. My R33 (running 10psi) did what yours is doing once but the MAF cleaner fixed it.
  9. That should give you approx 5 psi (assuming you have stock turbo with stock actuator and the stock boost solenoid is eliminated) which will certainly eliminate any over boosting and R&R. R33 stock ecu is notorious for freaking out around the 10 psi mark, sometimes you're lucky, sometimes not. Definitely clean your AFM / MAF with the proper MAF Cleaner like CRC as even the slightest bit of crud can cause it to read incorrectly.
  10. don't do this to me ya flamin mongrel. *Edit flamin mongrel cracks me up everytime.
  11. Hey Anf, yeah seems to have changed alot around here in my absence!!! Couldn't do Coupes or Sedan again after having Hatchbacks, Utes and Wagons. It'd have to be a StageA for practicality.
  12. lol me too, always said it'd be Cancer or Crabs.
  13. Ha! I heard you went a little Holden too but awesome you still have the GTR. Bout time you Butt out ya Boondah but.
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