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  1. Been looking though the thread, anyone have photos of 32Rs with 19s? One of my new ride from Barbagellos roll racing in Perth. Can see some more on insta @jarrydthraves.
  2. Yeh I am fresh out of school, glad to be of help Rohan
  3. Nah dude stock tune and 17psi won't ping at all!!!! Its ok because it's got a front mount
  4. 17psi on stock turbo with external gate, massive difference between 1 bar and 1.1 bar.. yeh he's the tool alright!
  5. Item: LG Viewty Mobile Phone Age: 1-2 Months Old Condition: As new Price:$400ono Location:Perth, WA Comments: Ive had it for about a month, Im too slow at typing with the touch screen function and I use sms alot so don't want a touch phone anymore! The camera is 5mpg and has an iso of 800 (i think), its actually a really good little digi camera! Heaps of functions on the phone, it can do near on everything. Has a plastic cover over the screen so screen itself is unscratched and perfect condition. Jump on http://au.lgmobile.com if you want a full list of specs. Comes in box as new with all accessories $400ono on phone Pm me or email me, jazza@jazza08.com Thanks Jaz
  6. Hey mate, They are in primer already, so only need painting, any paint shop can do it and its not like its alot of paint so it won't cost you much but I wouldn't wack supercheap auto white paint on them and put them on hahaha They have double sided tape on the inside which is what most people use, I guess you could glue them if you wanted but not really neccesary!
  7. jazza08


    Stef you are a hoe hahah
  8. Click on the link to see what they look like, not the actual eyelids but exact copy of how they look. They make the car look much angrier which I am sure you are all aware of! They are genuine Jun product I ordered from Japan aswell. If you want pics of the eyelids themselves I can take them but seems abit pointless. R34 Jun Eyelids
  9. As new from Japan, currently in primer so ready to be painted. $150 posted anywhere in aus registered post. Plz pm if you want them. Thanks
  10. No TC in 08 FTW!!! Helllll yes
  11. jazza08


    Now thats the shit im talkin about!! BOMBED
  12. jazza08


    Hahaaha thanks Howie, its not to dis-simlar to yours. The engine cover was just abit of rice to add before autosalon but looks pretty good lol I have been tihnkin bout a 34R v-spec 2 for awhile now, just not sure if the $ involved is justified.. goin to take the gt-t to the track and see how she goes and if im happy with it etc!
  13. jazza08


    Well the 32 was pretty dumped, stupid camber though.. cudn't do fark all about it either hahaha I think I've posted a few of the 34, but do them again anyway hahah
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