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  1. Hey guys I just put a catch can in just wanted to get your thoughts on how I have done it. I did read all the threads regarding this install but I just want to be sure.
  2. Thanks heaps mate there G.Forest rims just did a quick search and yes that's them. Ill look into it a bit more to see how much they are worth have been told there hard rims to come by but I'm not to sure. Thanks again bud appreciate your help.
  3. To be honest bud I have no idea I'm trying to find some for sale so I can get a rough idea of what there worth but I can't find these rims anywhere.
  4. Rear 235/45R17 97W XL Front 235/45Z17
  5. Thanks for the offer bud but I'm not after r32 gtr rims. I am looking to swap or sell though so if any ones interested post a pic of what you have.
  6. Hi guys just wondering if any one nows what kind of rims these are and how much they would be worth. Any help would be great.
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