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  1. Another Saturday slugging away at the workshop. Lower ball joints and bushes on this y34 Nissan really dropped the ball with this design. 1k for new arms as ball joint is integrated into the arm. We got that sorted though with a replacement ball joint and milling the arm to suit Finished that off and headed off to the paint shop to find that the car was in the booth in primer. Very happy with the car appear from the small section of rust there was no other rust.
  2. Nothing fancy has been happening of late Few parts rocked up so there in storage now. N1 washer bottle. R32 lip. New 1/4 trim windows Fixed the little bit of rust behind the flap by cutting out the old piece. Sandblasting the metal and forming a new piece And sanding the body goes onmio
  3. Looks mint adam
  4. very keen to see the result of this
  5. Another saturday consumed by my lovely vehicle. Spent the day at the paint shop stripping the rest of the body down. Just have the roof lining to remove and its time to prime. Looking rather naked. Small section of rust to repair behing the drivers mud flap but other than that shells spotless. Also had a bit of a play with some new heatproof paint. Thinking this for the block and other parts to be exposed to heat. Heres a picture of the heat sheilds all done On a side note my arc titanium front pipes arived from england.
  6. On Saturday i started the tedious task of restoration of the ac lines. Some before and aftet shots of the gear all up around 8 hours to do the bits shown below Swung past the paint shop tonight not a huge amount of progress however glass is out and no rust around the rear window. So that is a big plus. Unsure if anyones interested but if you are keen i can post up some pictures of the gtrs we see at work. This one just had a stage 3 restore
  7. So i feel when building a car it's the little things that make a difference. The small things that you dont even see when the car is complete. Some of the other cars we go the extent of overspraying the underbody sealer on to the paint. We do this as thats how the car left the factory and the owners are that pedantic about makeing them perfect. Anyways the reason for that breif explination is this. Mixing and painting the facory primer back over the fresh paint to keep it as original as possible More to come
  8. I have a brand new greedy twin pod holder for r33 same as pictured for sale
  9. Fast forward to this week and suddenly between customers cars i got some inspiration to work on my car. Motor out and bay stripped Bay all hotwashed and ready to go off to paint Time to sand Primer and paint with new seam sealer Going for a factory look but wanted it cleaner. Due to the factory not clearing the bays they get very dirty and hard to clean. I opted to clear the bay in my case as we do with alot of the other cars we build More soon.
  10. Looks good mate
  11. Okay so now thats out of the way, i found a chip on the roof 6 months after getting it back on the road. Having connections through work meant that i was able to call the painters and get his advise on what to do. He recommended getting the air blower near the chip and blowing, this allows you to remove and loose paint and the remaining will be solid to the roof. Well thats when the shit hit the fan. I put the blower near the chip and proceded to blow the whole sheet of paint off the roof. The person who had painted it prior to me didnt prep the roof correctly stopping the paint adhesion. so like that it say for the last year.
  12. So as i turns out i forgot about this thread and the car is currently undergoing a full restoration. Ill pop up the old photos and the start another post.
  13. On here occasionally
  14. Mind if i ask you frame number
  15. Those heater hoses are always fun to do. I find it funny that im pretty sure gho5t's car was at the shop at the same time yours was so whilr you two havent met your cars have...