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  1. As i get older the enjoyment of a quiet well handleing ride brings me enjoyment. The whole car is going to be convered in a layer of dynamat on the roof and doors therr will also be a layer of dynaliner on top of that to keep the heat down.
  2. Slowly putting bits and bobs back into the engine bay. Not going to crazy as i know i still have to prep the underside for under body coating New headlight rubbers and clips New top and bottom bolts for the bonnet support bracket. Everything that can be replaced with new will be on this car, if i can't get it new it will be restored as close to factory as possible. Finished this gtr off the other day has a few nice bits and makes good power now.
  3. Went over to the paint shop today to pick up the bare shell, time to get it on the hoist and start stripping thr rear subframe and coat the under side. Also picked up a set of high vis rb26 covers that we had painted for a customers car Got the other hoist up in time hide the 32 away till i finish reorganizeing the workshop. Once thats doneqq i have to paint the rest of thr floor
  4. So no really big updates with the car at the moment however the workshop has been receiving some much needed love. Floor after degrease and steam clean And after paint. Looks alot better now to do the other 300m2 The office also finally got the outside painted Just little steps that make the difference.
  5. Not a huge week on the car. Swung past the paint shop to take some photos. Cars so white its hard to see the lines. Very bright, very happy. Got some 18x10 panasports and thinking about selling my old ones. Test fit shows they sit perfectly but need some decent tyres on them. Currently 245/45/18 thinking 265/35/18 These will be pulled apart to have the centers painted Ferrari grey charcoal.
  6. So it's Saturday and guess what. Let's let the pictures do the talking
  7. Small update. Car is back in primer. No bog in the rear and happy about that Also through work found the part number for the vin clips so fitted those to one of the grey gtrs we are restoring and wow what a difference. I ordered enough to do 10 cars so have a fair few spares Car Is in paint Saturday I hope. Imageblur_20170518_234125
  8. I saw one for sale in sa a few months ago. Missed out by 10 minutes haha. How does it sound?
  9. Have to ask did the exhaust come from sa?
  10. So some good news and some bad news, good news got a trust titanium cat back exhaust to match up to the front pipes, bad news is as we were doing the final wash prior to color going onto the car this happened Basically what happened is the same as the roof, the white paint that nissan applied to the car lifted and resulted in the whole primered section coming off. This obviously meant that all the work on the 1/4 pannels was lost and we had to start again. Out came the paint stripper😢 All that hard work down the drain, but on the plus side it means the whole car is now bare metal rrespray and it meant i got too see what was hiding behind any factory paint. This is about the extent that the paint stripper would get the paint off the quarters, the roof was saved as we stipped it back before due to the same issue. We then move onto the mechanical removal of the paint to bring it back to bare metal and highlight any problem spots After an hour or 3 and a few beers we end up with this As im running n1 side skirts i didn't have to strip any of the lower sill area as the sun helps with the prevention of delamination and we had no issues with the few test spots. Few more hours later and we have Ready for primer, the few tiny dents will be metal finished. Over all I'm very happy with how nice the quarters are with only tiny spots of bog, which has now been removed wnd repaired properly. The spare parts pile gets bigger for my car with the purchase of a new overflow bottle and cap to match the washer bottle. Small steps keep this more affordable. Here is an example of a respray the boys did over at the paintshop and the body of the restored engine bay on the black gtr we did And of cource my engine bay is still looking mighty fine. Talk soon guys. P.s how do you change the thread name?
  11. Another Saturday slugging away at the workshop. Lower ball joints and bushes on this y34 Nissan really dropped the ball with this design. 1k for new arms as ball joint is integrated into the arm. We got that sorted though with a replacement ball joint and milling the arm to suit Finished that off and headed off to the paint shop to find that the car was in the booth in primer. Very happy with the car appear from the small section of rust there was no other rust.
  12. Nothing fancy has been happening of late Few parts rocked up so there in storage now. N1 washer bottle. R32 lip. New 1/4 trim windows Fixed the little bit of rust behind the flap by cutting out the old piece. Sandblasting the metal and forming a new piece And sanding the body goes onmio
  13. Looks mint adam
  14. very keen to see the result of this
  15. Another saturday consumed by my lovely vehicle. Spent the day at the paint shop stripping the rest of the body down. Just have the roof lining to remove and its time to prime. Looking rather naked. Small section of rust to repair behing the drivers mud flap but other than that shells spotless. Also had a bit of a play with some new heatproof paint. Thinking this for the block and other parts to be exposed to heat. Heres a picture of the heat sheilds all done On a side note my arc titanium front pipes arived from england.