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  1. Appreciate the effort and time taken the post. Probably therapeutic. Burning fuel is good for the soul I hear. Awesome start to the year though
  2. Rota Torque 17x9 +35 5x114.3 Wheels w/ Kumho KU36 235/45R17 Tyres Hi FolksA great set of wheels and excellent tyres on dry and wet. Just been sitting inside the house for a year as spares. Been travelling and need to get rid of excess stock and parts.Approx 75-80% tread on tyres. Let pics tell you more. Bit of gutter rash on left rear wheel. Rest are in excellent condition. These wheels have never been tracked.Local pickup can be cash on pickup but can organise delivery if paid with Paypal and sent to registered Paypal address. You will need to pay Paypal fees and delivery of course. PM or message/call on phone. Cheers Nik 0467003003 Townsville, QLD
  3. Another example of family tearing us apart!! Good luck with all.
  4. This is a shame Paul. Hopefully all is well.
  5. Specs on Volks? Width and offset? Cheers.
  6. Will do mate. Cheers for that. Good luck.
  7. Ah damn eh. Might try local first - could try shipping international letter for around $8 but no tracking etc. Not sure if you have done this before.
  8. So replacing the buttons did the trick? I might see if anyone has a faulty unit to play with first. You redo faulty ones @jmhinkle? PM'd
  9. How bad is it resurrecting a 4 month old thread?? I assume this is similar to GTST models as well - just pop her open and figure out if resistors or solder etc?? Also, PM'd @Samuel Leonard Did you sort this out? And is there any issues with Vacuum display not being under vacuum anymore?
  10. Got a buggy clock myself so looking to get a fix as well. With regards to vents - I had a similar case with centres and didn't want to risk old so bought new for not much more. Ebay is your friend. Similarly, decent dash protector can be bought from ebay as well.
  11. Ah - thought the Morimoto XB35 ballasts were instant on as well? What's burning time to get full output? Does choosing a more powerfully rated Ballast make a difference to setup? They have the option for Morimoto 50W ballasts - but all I can think of is more efficiency rather than anything truly meaningful. Anyone here use the Osram Xenarc CBI (5K or maybe 5.5K) - just white and bright apparently. Scared to try because of brightness and the fact that it does cost a fair bit.
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