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  1. UP FOR SALE Up for sale a R32 GTR KmS - 114,000 Nitto engine cover Garret ball bearing turbo dash 7 Two HKS down pipe and mid pipe HKS 100MM Intercooler and piping Marpassi fuel Reg Sard 800cc injector Stainless steel cooling plate N1 Bonnet protector N1 front bumper Genuine N1 side skirt EMS computer 3hi high flow cat 3inch all the way into a cannon Tien s/s coilover White line front sway bar Front camber kIT Spit fire coil pack No time wastesr please. Please contact Damien 0447 770 386 No replies on this forum so please contact damien for more info
  2. Thank you appreciate the compliment!! I am in love with yours. If only more people appreciated the four doors. New Zealand have a huge fan base for them.
  3. I am also trying to sell my 4 door i feel your pain
  4. Hey everyone i started uni and realsied i didnt need to sell the car. ALTHOUGH now i am selling it to try out soemthing new i have decided to let the car go at $10K THAT is my final offer on the car i am also looking for swap offers i am looking for a AUTO forester or WRX wagon. If anyone could help me out that would be great. I love this car more than anything but i hate leaving it at UNI i get worried someone is going to run into it. I have seen in the past month 3 accidents in the UNI carpark and couldnt bare it if something happened to her. So $10k final offer call me my name is Shae on 0416754243
  5. OoOOOH I like the sounds of this night. I shall be there.
  6. Hi i am near Raby shops, no its not a 33 its a 34 i know my skylines. It is so frustrating who ever it is. Havent seen a white 33 around in ages. Where in Raby are you ?
  7. Bump Someone help a poor uni kid out i need to get rid of it before i start uni i Feb
  8. Spotted R33 GTR Gun metal Grey driving past wests leagues club Campbelltown today 1130am very very clean!
  9. Hey mate If your after a stocker and one that won't get you into trouble check my R34 out. It's different but I never get hassled by the cops in it. And it's in your price range
  10. oh i may also be open to swaps ideas but please try and have them in the same price range as my car and no bikes THANKYOU
  11. Hey guys i took my car off sales sites over christmas as i knew it was a bad time to sell. My baby is back up for sale contact me on 0416754243 UPDATES INFO - Rego until end of May
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