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  1. Hey hutchwilco, How are you geting on with your Stagea? Found the problem yet? I sold my Stagea few months back
  2. Yup in drive with overdrive off.. Is few really good people on SDU who know what they talking about... But no one on SDU knew anything about the stutter problem...
  3. So does it stutter in 3rd gear? My old gear box does a stutter in 3rd gear before we swap the gears over. We going pull down the old gearbox in next few weeks and see if what we can find and we going to send the old torque converter to be cut open and see what going on with it. I'm sure it the torque converter/gearbox/overdrive. Ill let you know what we find. Have you sign up to SDU?
  4. Does your overdrive button work at all? Mine stop working, It was in overdrive all the time and now and then the button would work and could take it out of overdrive... Yeah it what we thinking what it was doing... Playing with the button now, You can see the pin with the plate going for over the place when you push the button in and out. I know with mine, the faster you went, the wrost it got. It sould like you got the same stutter as me... What happens when it starts to stutter and you take it out of overdrive and then put in back in? With mine when the overdrive button worked, It would stop for a while and then would start away. Would take the overbutton out and see how the pin moving around when you push it in and out and also take it apart and clean it, Clean mine few times and it did work of abit. Also take the gear lever out and check to the wines for the overdrive to see if they are not broken ect I know mine off trademe. they are hard to find... But try trademe and the nissan place in chch...
  5. Hey hutchwilco replace your overdrive button and see if that helps.... Have replace mine and is no more stutter...
  6. Got to drive a Audi RS4 today and what awesome car to drive and i want one...........

  7. Hahaha i have been offered a r32 Skyline and legacy gt wagon for the Stagea....... Good deal or nah?

  8. So the Maoris think they own the water? What next? Are they going say they own the air?

  9. Oh man the 8% codys are going down good tonight..... :-)

  10. Is anyone coming down from Auckland to Tauranga Friday or over the weekend? And would be able to pick up set of rims with tyres on them and bring them down? Will give you money for gas.

  11. It ashame your so far away as I would of like to have taken it for a drive to see if it the same as mine. With my old box, It did do the stutter few times when it wasn't in overdrive. What is the lowest speed the stutter will start? I had mine doing it around 40/45kms and the faster i went, the wrost the stutter was. I got up to about 140kms. From what my mate was saying that inside the torque converter that lock up liner comes/break away is one reason why they do it. You can get them rebuild but you have send it to Auckland. If you plan to keep the car and have the money to, Just do a manual conversion. Or try and get some of stutter fix oil and put that in with the grearbox oil and take it for few good long drives and see it that helps. It help with mine.
  12. Cody's = yummy in my tummy..... :-)

  13. Might of just sold the Stagea......... So anyone know of any good skylines for sale around 5k mark?

  14. Here is a better photo of the middle from inside
  15. Front With sunroof Middle Rear
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