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  1. Hey, I have a Tri-flow muffler (straight-through design) muffler for sale. Stainless steel, honeycomb construction, 2.5" opening. Includes hangers and connecting pipe. It's only been used once, for about 50km, because it was too quiet for my hooning needs. Good condition, no longer need it. $50. Call me on 0449 098 325. Here in the ACT. Pick-up preferred. Here's a photo for illustration purposes only.
  2. quote<That's a bloody tough looking GTST!> Amen to that! good luck selling it, not that you'd need it
  3. Fair enough, you make some good points. I sure do like the R32, because it's a nice and handsome shape, handles well, is the lightest of the lot, and it's fairly cheap and a raw experience. I'm just frustrated that I can't really afford one without getting a small loan (something which I've sworn never to do again after having the devilish bank on my back for a year due to my R34 loan) So anyway, good luck to those selling 32s and good luck to those looking.
  4. Make me an offer. These are darn good wheels and they're taking up valuable real estate at my house. I genuinely want somebody from SAU to have these delicious wheels. Make me an offer over $1000. Yes, these have been advertised for about 2 months, they went from $2500, to $1991, now they're at $1000 I'm not supposed to seem desperate, but ferchrissakes somebody buy these!!!!!!!!!! Call me on 0449 098 325 I mean it. make me a fkn stupid offer now. the worst thing I can say is "no" lol 0 --- 4 ---- 4--- 9 ----0-----9----8---3----2---5---- CALL NOW 0449 098 325 Peace and blessing be with you now and forever AMEN
  5. Cool use of sarcasm bro. Really unoriginal
  6. LOL! This is like posting on the Ferrari forums, asking for a Ferrari that has a 1.6L diesel engine and five doors.
  7. Bitten by the Skyline bug, need another one.

  8. I'm not debating whether the 32s are worthwhile cars. Rather, I'm frustrated that they're still so expensive, considering you can buy a 33 for $4000 in the same condition, and that I bought my 34 GT-T for $12,000 even. It must be said that my 34 needed a new dump/engine pipe and coilpacks, and potentially a new front bar, but still. You see 32s being advertised for well over $12k, with potentially demonic and unreliable modifications. Anyway as you can probably tell, I'm possibly maybe in the market for a 32, and I'm a staggered that people want 2/3 the price that I paid for my 34, for a car two generations earlier, in stock condition. Ah well, such is life.
  9. Can somebody tell me why 32 Gtst coupes are still selling for around $8k in stock form? These cars have dings, bad paint, old old engines and they're twenty friggin years old! 20 Years Old wHY?????
  10. What state are you located? Is this car currently in a condition to pass registration inspection? If not, what needs to be done?
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