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  1. Gents, Looking for some help please. My Vipec dealer is of little help. I have a V88 with a custom adapter loom that connects to the stock R32/RB26 harness. I have the ECCS relay(pin 16 on the stock harness) connected to Aux6. I'm using a General Purpose output with a 1 condition switch logic. I'm using MAP> for Sw Cond 1 and 1 kpa for the value. I believe this works properly, except that I'm only seeing 6 volts at pin 16 with the key off. There should be 12 volts. Also, some of the dash lights stay on with the key off. I may have some current backfeeding into the ECU somehow. Could it be the ISC solenoid, which is connected to Aux4? The plug-in base map uses Injector Drive 7 for the ISC solenoid. Any help is appreciated, Thanks
  2. All, Why are some crank sensors mounted parallel to the crank axis (like the Ross), while others (like this kit) are perpendicular? I assume both designs work fine, correct?
  3. my car: pfc, stock belt, ati balancer, big cams. see the bottom plot. that's too much timing scatter for my liking.
  4. cobraa, please start your own thread. moderators, this exhaust discussion has nothing to do with the topic.
  5. Has anybody used the factory oil pressure sensor for logging or tuning?
  6. Hey guys, Is there a good way to take my base map in Datalogit and dump it into the Vipec Fuel Table? I don't understand how the fuel calculation in Vipec works. Thanks
  7. http://www.gtr.co.uk/forum/143080-mgt-racing-new-race-car-build-ground-up.html
  8. check the valve guides clean up the valve bowls remove the exhaust port humps gasket match the ports, exhaust manifold, turbo housings clean up the casting on the oil and water ports between the head and block consider deleting some hoses and the oil/water/cooler thing under the intake manifold consider some better cams don't hesitate to tighten up the stock valve lash
  9. the transient response on the powertune car seems excellent I'm skeptical for the ARK R32. I think they're putting too much value in theory and not enough in simplicity or reliability. I anticipate many small problems for them.
  10. interesting. what about engine management strategy and hardware? thanks for posting and keep us updated!
  11. what max rpm are you targeting? i see the bottom end is rated to 7500rpm.
  12. cut the OEM plugs off and pin on the EV14s and, start your own build thread instead of bumping all these threads with your updates
  13. 2860rs turbos with .84 housings fit with stock manifolds and custom dumps.
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