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  1. Fml sorry all. I was looking in the manual. Need sleep.
  2. The manual doesn’t give you a pinout for the ecu. It seems to assume you have all the wires labeled inj1 inj2 etc which I don’t. Unless I’m missing something
  3. Hi all, has anyone got a pinout/diagram to wire a Haltech E11v2 to an rb25? Older model I know but it will do what I need it to. I don’t have the patch loom. Car is a conversion so doesn’t currently have a loom so setting up as standalone.
  4. Thanks for the answers. Ended up just at Nissan down the road from home. Simple and cheap
  5. lucask

    VCT feed

    I’m sure this has been done to death, but I can no longer find the proper Dohc guide. There seems to be a million ways to do this, but for those who have just tapped the rib under the vct solenoid, what size have you tapped it? 1/8 or 1/16? 1/8 seems to be easier to get fittings etc but not sure if it’s too big.
  6. Anyone know where to buy these? The little discs that go either side of the bottom timing gear on the crank. Found the woodruff keys on eBay but not the guides
  7. Has anybody got a guide or diagram to make an RB25 loom stand alone? I know I will need to wire up eccs, fuel pump and ecu relays, have power etc. I can work it out with a wiring diagram, but thought maybe someone has already done it?
  8. Thanks Duncan. It is an R33 RB25DE loom and ecu I currently have. But none of it is wired in at this stage. Waiting to see what ecu I can get golden of so I can wire in appropriately. Power FC it’s plug and play into original loom is that right? Never looked into nistune before, I will have a look. I had a Haltech I. No rb25 I had and had a Microtech on my old rb30det 240z
  9. Hi, I’m doing a budget build and I’m chasing an aftermarket ecu to get it running. It’s an rb30det in a Datsun. I’ve always used Microtech and gal tech in the past but open to suggestion. I have a complete standard Loom there. Im guessing someone has upgraded their high end build at some pint and would have something sitting around. Let me know what you have. Cheers
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