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  1. yeah as above mate..could last 5 years..or could last 5 months if the previous owner has looked after it, there shouldnt be to many dramas. How much power is is putting down do you know ?
  2. just some pics taken with phone..glare was pretty bad to..will get some better ones later
  3. and what highway do you plan doing this on ? I cant think of a quicker way to end up behind bars or kill yourself / someone else....why not consider using at something like powercruise ? As for the original question..id plan on getting a half decent turbo instead of those 2..maybe a T04Z..much better matched to the RB26, Ive seen some for pretty decent prices 2nd hand.
  4. Hey Guys As above..anyone wanting to sell rear window seal / lining let me know ! Cheers
  5. haha..its an aerodynamic mod..the windows go up giving the car decreased wind resistance whilst at full boost. Brilliant.
  6. haha last week it was about 40...and its not like i just limit my driving to the blue mountains ;-) Yeah there seems to be these different opinions of what sort of power levels the stock intercoolers are good for. I guess with all the rain lately i hardly need a intercooler spray kit..get plenty of spray from the car driving in front of me :-) Cheers
  7. Yeah not so fussed about upping the boost anymore right now, not to sure how the longevity will be on the standard motor if I started doing that lol.. thanks mate
  8. Yeah have pretty much done all of the above bar the reducing weight part Thanks for your suggestions and help mate cheers
  9. Thanks for the replies guys... Yeah thats what ive heard..but i guess its pretty much the last thing on the car that hasnt been upgraded ? running 2530's, bigger injectors, fuel pump, clutch etc..motor in the car is also only 20,000 km old (been upgraded with fresh R33 GTR parts and some other goodies) And plus it worries me on those 40c days having the 20yr old standard cooler there ? and I've heard the standed core runs out of its 'efficiency' range past 300kw ? cheers
  10. Hi Guys As above, does the PFC require a retune after an upgraded intercooler is installed ? Currently putting down 315kw atw in the GTR with stock cooler ATM..or is it worth spending the extra couple hundred $$ for some dyno time ? Ps, this may have already been answerd in previous threads but couldn't find anything on it. Cheers
  11. thanks ! Yeah got plenty of them mate...just gotta get around to posting some up thats all. cheers
  12. Hey all.. used to be a member back in 2003...cant remember for the life of me my old login details, so just created a new account :-) Anyways I just recently purchased a GTR and loving it !! live in Blue Mountains so hopefully there are some other members nearby as it can be a great drive out that way ;-) cheers guys
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