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  1. my bonnet was the original GTT bonnet, with the "lip" removed (person who did it owned a R34 R and was very good at what he does/did), then i had to get an OEM GTR bonnet stay (i think that's what it was called) so that the modified bonnet had the same setup (i think it was mainly for support, don't think there were any differences in the latch mechanism). Then i was good to go with fitting the East Bear front bumper. That's an option. Or you could get an R bonnet... i think they're aluminium for the non Vspec-II's/Nurs etc? so still a good thing. But can't you just get any R fitment bonnet? There's heaps of copy R Tune bonnets getting around... a few options made in Oz. So East Bear don't make the 'normal' GTR style bumper anymore?
  2. wow, time machine in here! Shan! very first ride in a Skyline was in your 32! hahaha, some random punk kid wanting to get involved in SAU meets without a 'line.... good times ... i think it was some night meet at Albert Park? I remember a silver 33 R there, with the full Mines decals, reflective.
  3. if first you don't succeed?
  4. Jameszilla? that you? i could be very late to the party on this one (and likely am...), but Mr Jameszilla, is that you!? Thread for the OG's only Man, using the search function and 'jameszilla' brings up some interesting memories! hahahah James if you (just watched again, and saw name title at the beginning... doh!) - disappointing... DECA pics and it's not the R!
  5. Hi Mish, the one and only previous owner had all the work carried out at Midori; car is an R34 GTR V-Spec II Nur. You name it, Midori pretty much did it. Full engine overhaul (kept at 2.6), HKS2530's, Midori development suspension (aragosta shocks and eibach prings), Midori brake kit (alcon), rose jointed suspension components, titanium exhaust, etc etc etc, plenty of little things too. I don't have dyno sheets from the time it was at Midori, but power would have likely been around 350-360awkw's from this setup i would imagine. Trent @ Chequered Tuning has looked after the tuning ever since, from possibly the first flex-fuel conversion on a GTR to likely the first HKS V-Cam installation being controlled entirely from the existing Link ecu; between Midori and Trent (and big nod to Racepace), the car has been sweet and has been full time E85 for quite a while now (probably about 5 years?) She's a sweet little engine, which is testament to both Midori's 2.6 build when they did it, and care it's received in Australia since. Midori has a quite regularly updated blog which is really cool to flick through, lots of interesting stuff (especially if your Japanese is good).
  6. having the distinct privilege of owning a "workshop" car, i'd highly recommend checking out Midori Seibi Centre. They were one of a handful of workshops Nissan approved to "officially" be an R34 GTR workshop, and they also have a 4 hub Dynapak dyno, nice and accurate tool for tuning. They don't quite have the international presence of Mines, Top Secret etc, but i can vouch for the quality of their work and their continuing development of GTR after-market parts is also a good indicator of where their passion and expertise lies. I'm not super familiar with the geography, they might not be "Tokyo", but i believe they aren't far out. My 2 cents.
  7. is RPM looking after the build? they've done NEO heads before, just ask them, surely that would be easiest?
  8. ^ very much like that feature, just gets worse and worse i can't sign up with them
  9. is there still the 3 year membership thingy?
  10. application... denied car is too new, apparently being very picky on the 15 year rule; 2 months ago i might have had a chance (or so i was told) but i was told they're being very strict now. sucks... only other viable options are still exy (Shannons and LSV) anyone else have a 2001, 2002 with this veteran/vintage mob?
  11. hahaha, well there you go, no need to go look for it. Thanks for the reminder!
  12. oh hey, remembered my password! cleaning out the attic and have some stuff to give away if anyone is interested, although don't get too excited, it's not like i'm throwing out v-cams or anything. set of 4 x 18" bridgestone something-a-rather tyres, potenza something maybe, nothing great and as they've been sitting in the attic for a number of years they'd probably only be good for mucking around/trash tyres (assuming they're even safe enough for that). Tread is still ok from memory, and i believe they were off my GTR rims that i ran on the GT-T, meaning they're likely 235/255's perhaps? Probably good for just trashing... what else, stock GT-T exhaust, i believe the whole thing, for those GT-T owners who want a stocker on hand (not 100% if i have muffler, will need to double check) probably some standard orange indicators, GT-T floor mats, stock AFM.... have full standard GT-T suspension with swaybars, but will probably quarantine from giveaway for now... will try and get pics asap hope SAU has been keeping well
  13. you can try Robbo (john) at Tiger Soft, got all the good gear and he definitely knows what he's doing when it comes to detailing.
  14. so i'm not the only one, Bride rails are pretty pathetic given how much the seats cost! Racepace had to do some massaging to get them to sit in a better position and yes the sliding mechanism is not great. On my "like to-do list" is to have Andrew (works at the place where Meridian motosport is, but he's not Meridian, he has his own name, does cages and what-not) have a go at getting the rails right, they're very snug against the belt buckle as well. It's probably the only genuine Jap item i've ever bought that really doesn't live up to their fitment standards IMO (compared with all my Midori and Nismo items, absolutely mint) Do people get custom rails made? Because i don't think there are any other options. As for how much i paid? i don't think i've ever sat down and worked it all out hahaha, just paid invoices as i went along. Obviously had a rough idea at the time given the price for just the car in Japan, and the exchange rate at the time but yeah don't know exact price ... you know... because dream car
  15. yeah, purely would be installed for clearance situations ONLY, otherwise it would return to the height where the geometry had been set. as for air, i was under the impression that hydraulic in a performance setting is more favourable to air, less chance of variation? plus, this ram lift kit appears to be a retro fit option as well, so i can maintain my current setup (although spring change is a possibility it seems). i'm sure someone has the skills locally, whether or not it's worth their time and effort though... thanks for the replies!
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