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  1. not sure but i have a 3 inch cat back exhaust for an r32 gtst for sale if your interested
  2. back on ebay $3500 http://cgi.ebay.com....=STRK:MESELX:IT
  3. yeah mate it has been de regod so will need a blue slip. can come with a different exhaust with two oval mufflers to help with getting slipped
  4. Shell sold. Whole car on eBay now. http://cgi.ebay.com.au/R32-Skyline-/150597496419?pt=AU_Cars&hash=item23104f6e63
  5. pic of the shell ill get more up if anyone is interested
  6. PICS. also forgot to mention it has a custom cross over pipe with gtr bov, slotted front discs and a turbosmart dual stage boost controller.
  7. its a gtst. ill get some pics up tonight
  8. forgot to mention there is damage to the left rear quarter guard. and its $5000 for both
  9. hi guys unfortunately i have to sell my skyline. 93 r32 gtst type m its unfinished i started putting wide rear guards on it. motor is in good condition it has r43 rb25 turbo, gtr injectors, z32 airflow meter, sard adjustable fuel reg, front mout intercooler,3 inch turbo back exhaust,nistune ecu, adjustable front camber and caster, 17 inch wheels,gtr front bar needs fixing, type m sideskirts and rear pods, gtr spoiler, aftermarked steering wheel. thats all i can think of body needs a little more work to be finished. has no rego $4500 also have an r32 gtst rolling shell. has wide vented front guards sunroof standard r33 wheels,3 inch exhaust front window is smashed, all other windows have been removed but will come with the car $1000 or take both for $500 pm me on here or shoot me a text on: 0414624460 and ill call you back located in st clair sydney ill get some pics over the weekend cheers troy.
  10. what is he your receptionist lol call around a few places and ask
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