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  1. i'm leavng soon to go overseas.... i need this gone 16,000 now is the price
  2. price change on prune juic.... i mean GTR 16,000 now as is
  3. hey guys, just trying to sell my car to finance my trip overseas. mods: buddy club coil overs (rear) GAB coil overs (front) AVC-R boost controller Adjustable castor rods Ganador 3.5" cat back exhaust no name front pipes black advan 17" tri spoke wheels other than that its standard. power: 196 kW at the rears i want 17,500 ono.... special price for sau people pics: if u have any questions plz call 0406 128 973 or pm me
  4. hi all, 1989 GTR for sale. Mods: buddy club rear suspension GAB front suspension no-name jap grounding kit AVC-R boost controller unknown front pipes Ganador 3.5" cat back exhaust Advan 17" wheels (235 fronts 255 rears) adjustable castor rods asking 18,000 ONO car has made 196 kW at the rear wheels from the most recent dyno day at all star. if u require more details please PM me cause im not on too often or contact me on 0406 128 973 nick pics: thanks all
  5. my goodness the shennanigans of old times... im scared already lol.
  6. LOL @ Weak-Sauce comment. I'm so in on this one. Happy memories of happier times. Might not be in Bris much longer so i'm so in on this one before i leave. Nick
  7. bunta and me both have issues with our cars that need sorting out... need to spank my car like a bad bad donkey. need a power fc and lil things ironed out and 220kW please if not then i need a newer car.
  8. someone say race to a sub 13 sec quater mile?? im in on that..... are GT-R's included in this challenge???
  9. awesome night col. nice to meet a few faces as well. Was really surprised with my car as it was the first time it was put on a dyno and being 16 years old i would never expect that sort of figure. anyhow awesome night and maybe next time someone should put up a sausage sizzle rather than go to the nearest maccas lol.
  10. owned

    Sau Qld Calendar 2007

    pretty please can my R32 GTR be included??? even if there are 2 on the page
  11. i estimate that its going to be an awesome night can't wait guys. Kudos to the organisers (EVEN BEFORE THE NIGHT LOL)
  12. hey guys, not sure if anyone has posted a thread but if so dont shoot me plz. the head on my rb26 is in need of a refresh so i was wondering where is a good place to go in brisbane?? money is kind of a limiting factor but if the work is good then im all for it. has any other 26 drivers experienced their valve train getting louder? this would more than likley affect the 89 GT-R drivers moreso than anyone else as their the oldest. thanks all
  13. hey dont complain man, wait till u own a GTR.... then its real pressha to perform lol
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