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  1. As others have said, only go the C34 for fun RB goodness, daily driver M35. Also is it just me or has the JDM tax now hit RS4S and rs260? some crazy prices out there, i just don't know if they are actually changing hands at that price.
  2. Rust be gone! Except they keep finding more 🙃. It's all getting done properly, cutting out and welding in metal, no cover ups here. They normally work on Fiats and Alfa's, so they know rust 😆 After 10 years on the street. It will have an easy life in a dry garage. I only have on street parking but I've found a lockup 10 mins walk away at very reasonable price.
  3. C34 standard suspension for manual, standard springs and a set of lowering springs. Purchased second hand and never used, now I just want it gone. I was told it came from a rs260. Pickup only in the inner west. Prefer it gone in the next weeks.
  4. Not a Stagea but still a cool wagon, Crown estate spotted in Kyoto.
  5. Spotted at the Suzuka F1
  6. All paid . Need to defend that third place in the championship.
  7. Thanks to all the execs and helpers that stood around in the rain so we could have fun! what a dedicated bunch of people. Sorry for the late sign on. Had lots of fun, suffered for not being organised and sleeping in because the car was not empty and I now have very wet floor matts etc after leaving them in the rain.
  8. CV joint fixed , new project Mu pads in the front, used a1rm's in the back and fresh fluids all round. Front near side strut making clunking sound, let's see if I can break it completely. also running Pirelli Cinturato P1, so I have I built in excuse for poor times. Indeed mate, looking forward to tomorrow, last year was very long year with 0 motorsport, . Also looking forward to talking shit with people. Anybody ?
  9. So I was very slow in paying, have now sorted that and will see you all there.
  10. Thanks all, my son and I had a great day out. Nice to be reminded why I don't want to sell the wagon.
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