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  1. Yes head is still available as is the rest, springs were upgraded to 24psi spec but like I said don't have receipts to prove hence the reflection in price. In all accounts though you can see from pics it was a no expense spared project.
  2. Rb25 Neo performance parts for sale For sale. Parting out myLewis engines torque monster Rb 25/30 Neo engine, reason for sale is project car has been sold and mate is purchasing bottom end. No receipts available, but items are new and have not been on running engine. Only been bolted together. I'll just let the pictures do the talking. 1. Neo Rips Racing Plenum complete with 80mm billet throttle body and genuine HKS fuel rail. $1700. 2. Rips Racing Catch can $350 3. Refurbished Rb25 Neo head, mild porting with HKS 264 inlet cam and Tomei 260 exhaust cam, adjustable cam gears, rear head drain with hose and speed flow fittings. MLSR head gasket, inlet and exhaust manifold gaskets, custom painted rocker covers (few chips on edges but nothing major. $2000. If buyer wants entire package but only entire package I will reduce total price to $3500. Will ship but at buyers expense. Contact Jonny on 0401574823 if interested. Cheers
  3. That's true, like I said though not chasing outright horsepower though, it wont hurt power output for what I am aiming for with this build.
  4. Definitely but it's much easier to chop a 3 inch system designed to suit the car rather then a full custom exhaust.
  5. Dale, was originally tossing up between gtx3076 with 1.06 or gtx3582 with .82 but opted for the smaller turbo. I will have a look at the borg warner series though, and with the exhaust size I didn't want to run the 3.5 because I didn't want it to be too loud and don't think its necessary for my goal, which is not outright horsepower but good torque throught the rev range This motor was obviously designed for a bigger turbo and with current cams was meant to have a massive midrange and top end torque Because the application has changed I feel as though I don't want to waste the potential of the motor but at the same time be usable as a fun 4wd, the only thing that's stopping me from going all out because I want to make it street legal and engineered.
  6. Hey everyone, I have been researching this topic for a while and the opinions are quite mixed, I have a built Rb30det Neo torque monster built by Lewis engines, the head has been ported out extensively and currently has 272 cams sitting in it, I want to downgrade my camshafts to be able to retain vct, My end goal is to produce max torque as early as possible in the rev range (max rpm 7200) The important bit is i want to engineer the conversion so I need to keep emissions down. Should I A) Downgrade to poncams 252 or 260 have heard they can pass emissions test have only heard but can anyone please confirm. B) Put standard cams back in. Engine specs are as follows Lewis engine rb25/30 Neo torque monster Extensively ported with 24psi spring upgrade 8.2cr Rips racing plenum 90mm throttle body Sinco manifold t3 flange Turbosmart 50mm external waste gate Planning on Gtx3076r Id1000 injectors 3 inch exhaust. Haltech Elite I know downgrading the cams will negate the big head work but the application for the engine has changed from a drift car to a 4wd. Any opinions would be appreciated, I will put up a build topic in the future Cheers in advance
  7. Yeah sorry, I did read the entire 70 pages, I still call it a head drain as they are still marketed as a head drain, I understand the the whole concept it's just I was thinking if my particular setup with the rear head BREATHER would be worth keeping or just blanking off. The only reason I didn't run it through the catch can first was because I ran out of ports. What are the opinions of the turbo return to sump below my front head breather/drain?
  8. Hey everyone, just setting up my rb30det neo at the moment, I have set up 2 -10 outlets from my cam covers on my catch can and a single -10 on the bottom of the catch can to the sump on exhaust side there has already a rear head drain mod that's been done to my engine but the return to sump ends up above the windage tray on the inlet side, wouldn't this be holding any oil trapped in the hose? should I relocate it to under the windage tray? Also the front head drain on the exhaust side runs into the sump directly below the turbo oil return on the block, would I be best to put this line into the block and have the turbo return directly into the sump. (this line runs well above oil level) or the other way around. Cheers in advance
  9. Hey mate, i'm sure someone would back me up on this but i've learnt not to put hylomar on gasket material as it has a tendancy to shrink increasing your chance of leaking gasket, it is only good for metal on metal surfaces like decomp shims. best off spending the money getting head faced, should be between 50 to 100 bucks which is cheap in my opinion rather than having to strip it down and do a head gasket again
  10. Thats exactly what it was, not putting a gun to anyones head telling them to buy it, just sharing in what my opinion is a good deal considering what you see nurs are selling for, don't get me wrong i haven't enquired about the car but i'd love to own a nur one day and i'm sure there are many people on here that would love to as well. Just trying to share with people out there that may not have seen it and could potentially get the car they are looking for. Didn't mean to step on any toes and i'm definately not trying to bad mouth any cars. Just sharing with the community whats out there! isn't that what we use forums for??? just my 2 cents
  11. Definately looks legit, Gold compliance plate, i'd love to buy it but don't have the funds, not one to time waste about the car if i don't have the cash, just thought it would be well worth a look for someone chasing a R34 as its the cheapest nur i've seen for sale. Apologies if this was the wrong section to post.
  12. Hey just saw this on carsles, thought i'd share it with everyone wonder why so cheap? http://www.carsales....&cr=17&__N=1246 1247 1252 1282 1216&silo=Stock&find=nissan skyline|CarAll
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