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  1. Saw this car in the metal last year at the compliance workshop. Was v impressed. Nice one can't wait to see more of it!
  2. Mint. Would love to get back in a white 94! GLWS
  3. Guys some unedited photos from yesterday - please note that despite the official yellow safety vest and duly endorsed media volunteer form, I am less than an amateur photographer and was playing around with the 3 million settings on the camera I don't know how to use! Having said that, if by chance there is a photo you want a full size copy of, don't hesitate to ask! Great day and great driving - well done all! https://www.flickr.com/gp/157091759@N02/E78jT3
  4. Just waiting to see if I'll have a car ready for this...cutting it fine sorry!
  5. Josh I commend you on this well written thread and helpful photos that should encourage us all to get on the tools a bit more. I'm sure you'll sort it all out soon! Good luck
  6. Went to a photography course the other day in the hope I would learn how to take 'action shots' - sadly, I know less now. This was my best from the drag strip:
  7. $200 obo. Will consider beer and whisky as forms of payment
  8. Fair play Greg, I'm just not eager to wait around for couriers and/or box up these tyres! What's your post code and I'll look into it.
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