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  1. the car is silver and yer run them without the center cap
  2. just the stock R34 GTT rims while i save for te37s
  3. hi, i really like the look of some of the bright colours around on JDM cars rims these days but dunno how any of them would look on a 34, can anyone help with wot colour ud advise and if u have any pics of bright rims on a 34 it would b a great help to see them!! cheers
  4. h, i iv got a 1998 R34 GTT that i bought a little while ago and im starting to get bored of its power so i wanna make it faster! Only problem is i dont no wot i should b doing first to get the greatest bang for my buck!! At the moment im thinking a decent boost controller, new ecu?? not really sure wot esle to do i have a 3" exaust system and a hybid intercooler and the rest of the car is stock!! any small change i could do myself would b handy too such as gaping sparkplugs n things like that. If someone could give me some info on wot i should do i would greatly appreciate it!! and if you know rough prices that would b a great help!!
  5. hey guys, iv been gettin sick of the shitty sounds of my stock sterio and have been looking around at diff head units!! anyone have any suggestions on wot i should get?? or at least wots good these days!! i want all the features i can get and it had to b double din sized cheers
  6. do u still have the turbo and is that the lowest u would sell it for?? and i cant find many specs on it?? would u b able to help me out there??
  7. The gtr rims dont fit on the gtt without some work to the gaurds ay?? Or is that bullshit
  8. Is the model for the 33 the same as the one for the 34 gtt??
  9. so the cards been ordered or na?? lol
  10. im a 4th year sparky so i know my way around an electrical drawring, but im to lazy to install myself lol so any idea where in perth would b a good place to have a new one installed?? and wots the best make to get??
  11. hi, i bought a R34 skyline just before christmas last year and have notice since it has been raining that the alarm is shorting or faulting somewhere!! does anyone know how hard and how much it might cost me to get the fault sorted??i was told finding faults in a car alarm is a flamin mongrel and to just get a new alarm system!! if thats the better option can anyone give me some feedback on good places around perth WA to get it installed and wot brand/model i should go for??
  12. hey guy, i have a r34 gtt and i was lookin at the eboost2 from turbosmart! i was wonderin wot ppl think of this EBC compared to other controlers and does anyone know if they come in the size to fit the cluster on the r34 center dash?? iv been told 55mm and 60mm dials should fit!! cheers for the help in advance
  13. can anyone recommend a tuner for either of these?? im in wa so around perth would b good!! cheers
  14. hi guys, i was gonna install a fcd to my skyline but have been talked out of it and told to use a nistune chip and tune everything properly, as they are better for the engine and still relatively cheap. who has one of these chips?? and if anyone has any advise like wether i should try one of them or just spend the extra money and get a pfc?? would b great for a little help and cheers in advance
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