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  1. Hi All, I have a few parts that have been sitting around gathering dust that aren't going on the car anymore. Hypergear ATR43SAT with CBB Chra bought a year ago unused $1200 ono Adaptronic select ecuplug and play for R32/R33/R34GTR/300ZX Z32 bought new, unused $1100 ono Bride drivers side seat rail Part number N045M0 suits R3#/A31/C33 used condition $150 ono universal fit harness bar $120 ono R33 GTR ABS brake master cylinder and booster $150 ono Sabelt 3 inch 4point harness $80 ono Parts located East Maitland NSW will post at buyer expense. Can supply more photos and info for interested buyers.
  2. Im not yet i will be soon i bought bought an adaptronic select plugin ecu and flex fuel sensor a few months back and just ordered my new turbo on the weekend. I went for the hypergear ATR43SAT with the roller bearing CHRA, So i will start running it in the next couple of months when i have it all on and go in for the tune. Yeah thats good to know i havnt heard of anyone having any troubles with them.
  3. Its been awhile since i have updated this i had other things get in the way but i have finally got my priorities right and can continue with the build. i have been collecting more parts lately so it should move quite quickly from her on in. So i got an NPC cushioned button clutch which will handle the abuse i throw at it.
  4. i will be trailer it down to get it tuned as im going to be changing to an adaptronic ecu.
  5. Yeah thats what i assumed they had done i will leave it how it is for moment then. cheers thanks mate i will do that when get my new injectors in soon.
  6. I recently put a walbro 450 e85 fuel pump in my 33 gtst, i hooked a fuel pressure gauge up after to check everything was still alright and found the pressure at vacuum was 3.5 bar. It has an adjustable regulator on it which looks similar to the nismo ones. The car was tuned a few years ago at unigroup before i owned it with the basics pfc, 12psi, full exhaust, front mount, bosch 040. With the pfc hand controller showing 88-90% duty cycle on the injectors at the top end. So my question is, could the fuel pressure have been bumped up when it was being tuned or is the walbro flowing to much fuel for the reg to keep up with? There has been a few thread saying it should be fine with it. Has anyone installed one and checked the pressure afterwards? And will it be fine running at that pressure? will the current tune possible be affected if i do drop the pressure down or should i leave it how it is? cheers
  7. Overall im pretty happy with it the only real downside is that i cant fully see the top of the speedo and tacho as the top of the wheel is just in the way but that will be different from person to person depending on there height and seat height as well. The wheel is closer to you so less of a reach to it. Yeah it is slightly smaller diameter i think its 350mm but i haven't noticed any difference in steering effort. There is a bit of flex in the wheel if you go pushing and pulling on it but i haven't noticed it while driving though.
  8. So with E85 becoming more available now and with having 2 servos within 5minutes from my place now selling it. i thought i might give it a go and start running it. Some of the parts i have started collecting for it. Walbro 450 E85 fuel pump and Xspurt 1000cc injectors. One of scottynm35's intake Fuel rail kit from scotty with adaptors/spacers so i can run the top feed injectors. Im still tossing up on what ecu to use so i can run a flex tune as i don't want to run dual maps on the powerfc, I'm leaning towards the Adaptronic select plug in.
  9. Thanks mate. I have had a read through that thread seems straightforward enough.
  10. Im looking at now running my car on e85, since there is now 2 servos within 5 minutes of my place selling it. The car is fairly standard still running 12psi, tuned, 3" exhaust, front mount etc the basic power mods. With that the standard injectors are already running at around 88-90% duty cycle which doesn't leave any head room for the extra flow the e85 will need. So to do this i will need to upgrade the injectors i was looking at the Xspurt 1000cc injectors and changing to a top feed fuel rail and upgrading to the walbro e85 fuel pump at the same time and getting it retuned, with doing that i have enough flow for a future turbo upgrade without having to buy injectors twice. Will these injectors be too big to be able to get a good tune out of them at such a low power level?( reading around about them shows they are more them equiped to have the engine idleing well and give good off boost driveability but does that translate to being able to be tuned well for low power levels) or am i best off getting a set of s15 480cc injectors but then having to upgrade again down the track? cheers
  11. Are these pumps E85 compatible or will the have a reduced life like the bosch 044 when running E85?
  12. I got it from Revolution Racegear at kotara. He has a few different seats set up in the shop and in a few of the cars that are kept there that you can try out. It was a bit of a fun novelty at first getting in an out but yeah it does be come a pain.
  13. cheers they are a good looking seat makes it look fast even though its not quick. They do have a couple of sizes in the pro2000 plus range. Everyone enjoys a tight fit though lol
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