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  1. Up for grabs is my pride and joy, my 1993 Nissan Skyline R32 GTST. She has tasteful mods, a full year of rego, plenty of power from the 2ltr straight 6 turbo RB20 and number plates to match the name. The car is running great with no issues! Oil and oil filter has been changed every 5xxxkms meticulously. Always used 98 Unleaded premium petrol. The dash reads 99xxx however the engine was replaced at 89xxx with a 44xxx km engine. The Engine is fresh and has given no problems!! The car has no rust and only the expected scratches for a 93 car. The list of Goodies: Front Mount Intercooler Dump pipes Straight custom built exhaust with Xtreme muffler – sounds great POD Air Filter Greeddy Turbo Timer – programmable and adjustable. Power button and brake pedal easily cancel timer. RR32GT GOLD & BLACK plates LONG Rego (till September 2012!) GTR Rims – 18" in near perfect condition with almost no gutter rash. 5 speed manual – all gears change very smoothly! New KUMHO Tyres on both front wheels (22/02/2011). GTR Bucket Seats in rear Fog Lights Red LED Dash 7" Touch Clarion VRX576USB – USB, IPOD, AUX, MP3, DVD, AM, FM. Dual 12" Subwoofers in two custom made boxes connected to 900watt amplifier. When cranked can make the whole car shake, sounds great. The original subwoofer box also comes with the sale. 2x 6"x9" Sony Xplode speakers 3x SAAS Gauges in center console – boost, oil pressure and oil temperature. Oil pressure and temperature are connected to sandwhich plate on oil filter for accurate readings. All gauges have the ability to change colour at the push of a button and provide accurate readings. Alternator reconditioned and heavy duty wiring from alternator to batter via fuse (31/03/2011). Cold Air Intake Power Steering Electric side mirrors – at the push of a button they fold in. Spare tire in great condition. I also have a TurboSmart Dual Stage Boost Controller and TurbroSmart Fuel Regulator which I will include with the car. Because I'm an honest seller I also list the things that need attention. The reverse lights are cracked, however still work. The rear quarter trims need a new aesthetic trim – The car came like with when I bought it. The paint is a little faded however I use black polish, which makes it less noticeable and paint fade is common for a 93 car. Heater core it by-passed. All in all these are minor, and don't affect the cars performance at all. The only reason that I'm selling the R32 is that I need a bigger car to transport my mountain bike. Other than that its perfect for cruising or zipping around town. I have receipts for most of the work done. No time wasters please! Feel free pm mobile # or inbox. Can easily organize an inspection. Cheers, Jarryd
  2. To install the sensors for oil temp/pressure i bought a sandwich plate from just jap to 'fit' a r32 gtst... only to find the thread of the adapter didn't allow the oil filter or engine block to screw on. just wondering if anyone has a sandwich plate or know were i can get one? cheers!
  3. hey all, currently got a 3" system all the way through on my R32gtst. needing to replace from the cat'. i have an opportunity to get a 2.5" system with bullet and cannon but am just wondering if i should stick to a 3" all the way through. is there much diff between 2.5 and 3?? cheers
  4. April 23rd http://www.skylinesa...sw-club-events/
  5. Jazz's R32 GTST


    had 2x12" subs in a single box that wouldn't fit in the boot because it wasn't deep enough so i thought i'd have a go at fireglassing. decided to go for two separate airtight boxes to max space. sounds not as good as the original box, but still sounds alright
  6. gotta get rid of a pair of R32 rear seats. there are a few rips but a seat cover can cover them easy. message me an offer if your interested. cheers
  7. Jazz's R32 GTST

    My R32 GTST

    The working progress of a poor uni student on his car..
  8. well i have a fold out cd/dvd player right beneath the climate control deck. when it folds out it covers the whole climate control deck. not sure what the guy was thinking when he installed it but i just bought the car the other day and would like to fix it. if i move the cd/dvd player down a level to the lowest it can go it will still cover half the climate control deck which makes that move useless. i have suggested to move the climate control deck down to the bottom level below the cd/dvd player. is this even possible to move the climate control deck? i've attached some pics to show what i mean feel free to leave and suggestions or feedback, it'd be greatly appreciated. thanks
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