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  1. Not a bad setup. Im actually having the same issue with my hypertune manifold. What if i was to put the coolant sensor on the radiator breather? Just not sure if it would give correct reading.
  2. How did you go mate? Im also on the same boat. Iv got a 2.8 being built and im considering going a 7685
  3. Royal purple 10w40 HP series. Cant go wrong been using it for 10 years on all my RBs
  4. Just a quick update i havnt changed the the gearbox and tranfer oils since and have done roughly 10k. Its been through alot of hard street driving and occasional drags. And in the last 6 months iv been doing a fair bit of 2 step launches with the car making 340awkw. Gearbox hasnt had any issues since and still feels smooth at high and low rpms. Il be servicing soon and will be using the same oils
  5. I run a 6266 .84 T4 split pulse and made 352rwkw on 21psi that was with E70. Full boost about 4800. Though my Turbo is the Journal bearing one. If you buy BB alot more responsive around 4300rpm. 6266 is good size for 500kw with e85
  6. No its the old controller. Can supply with the the new one for $750
  7. Located in Melbourne. Willing to post. $700 Only selling because going haltech.
  8. A set of 4 with about %70 tread Price: 300ono Melbourne pick up only 0433523304
  9. Any luck with the brackets? Im on the same boat though i havnt bought the diffuser yet
  10. $250 joey I was thinking the same. Most chinese copies dont even come with boxes
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