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  1. Nah, the strut guy just got a fitting on the new strut that fit over the 10mm ball joint.
  2. R33 GTR 19x10.5+12 TE37s w/ 265/30 Potenzas All gaurds rolled, not lowered too much. Scrubs on liners on full lock but otherwise perfect. Fell in love with the wheels the moment I saw them. Work Emotion CR2P 18x10.5+5 w/ 265/35 AD08Rs Scrubbing on full lock, but otherwise great fitment.
  3. R34/neo Greddy cam sprocket: brand new, rare af, try finding another one online - $500 R34 stock tail lights: good condition - $50 R34 Boot trims, carpet, rear parcel shelf: all decent condition but could use a clean - $50 the lot Bashed out (I think stock?) cat - $20 Front guard liners: decent condition, couple of wear where it had been scrubbing - $20 Genuine Nismo solid transmission mount: brand new, $75 on nengun - $50 Front strut brace: avg condition but works fine to hoon - $20 Full R34 GTT sumitomo brake setup: DBA4000 rotors with plenty of meat in good condition (29.6mm front,17.8mm rear), calipers and brand new street pads - $800 Brand new Mishimoto open ended black wheel nuts - $80 Black 50mm Nismo wheel nuts: logo faded, average condition but functional - $50
  4. I bought LED bulbs for specifically this purpose, to try and see if it makes much difference to the light output. I don't drive much at night, but there is a noticeable lack of light even with high end halogen bulbs (in comparison to newer tech). I mocked them up in my car and found that the large back end/fan assembly of the LED looked to foul on parts of the headlight enclosure, and would require a little bit of modification/cutting, so I'd need the front end off and the lights off the car to move further with the project. In the near future I plan on buying s3 headlights, so my s1 lights could be used to hack up to see how much modification is required, and is it worth it for light output. ETA is unknown as s3 headlights are damn expensive, but will post updates & photos when it is completed. Keen to see if anyone else does this first though.
  5. Went on a GTR cruise last weekend. Hope some more photos are uploaded, but here are some so far. Enjoy!
  6. Finally did the 2.7ohm resistor airbag light thing. Took about half hour, was pretty easy. Had a small oil leak, turns out oil was coming out the dip stick. Apparently wasn't breathing enough, so got the catch can plumbed in. Haven''t had the chance to get proper shots done, but just a couple from a few weekends ago.
  7. Teaser for everyone. Today is rainy so unwilling to take it outside the shed, but some sneaky pics of my new rims! Fell in love with them the moment I saw them. 19x10.5+12 with 265/30 Potenzas. Will go for some decent tyres when these flog out, as long as it puts the power down I will be happy.
  8. It needed to be more specific, a link is idiot proof
  9. Yay for good news. Car is safe at home now. I am very happy to have her tucked away in the garage again. The issue ended up being, as mentioned above, the 1650 Bosch injectors. They did replace them with another brand new set, but being the product itself, didn't help it. They ended up throwing in 1250s and never had an issue again. I will drive her as much as I can this break to empty out the fuel tank, so I can have a full tank of e85. Can't wait to feel the power. 😈 During the time on the dyno (troubleshooting), they ended up throwing the PFC on and said that the tune was really fat, hence why I was blowing a lot of black smoke on boost. They said that the car was in really good condition, and felt really good to drive. The car did a lot of back to back power runs and never missed a beat - it's good to know that I have a really solid platform. Although the work did take a while, I am glad that there are so many positives that came out of this, and I couldn't be happier with the way the car is performing. Next on the list will be a set of rims..
  10. N1 RB26 Poncams -7s Haltech elite 2500 427hp on 98 507hp on e85, somewhere around the 21 psi mark. Boost solenoid was on max duty. Will be back with a high mounted GTX35.
  11. So bit of an update. Car is still in the workshop. They have been battling with a fuelling issue for a few weeks where once the car was on the dyno for a while, the afrs would lean out. They pretty much replaced every component of the fuel system, even putting the power fc back in to see if it was the ecu somehow. Anyway, turns out the fuel was getting too hot, but still unsure how. The exhaust didn't have a heat shield and they think that the heat is soaking into the tank. Apparently Bosch 1650s are sensitive to hot fuel. They have wrapped and shielded the exhaust off, and a fuel temp sender is on the way for the haltech. Fingers crossed it'll be ready soon. Little bit of good news is that it apparently made over 500rwhp on e85.
  12. I think I am happy with the way the car looks for now. I am going to get some new rims which is next on the shopping list. I can't decide between LMGT4s or TE37s. In the future I will go for a carbon bonnet (painted white), I think I will go Top Secret but I have also always had a soft spot for the Nismo one (unsure of the specific type, but in R34s it's the Ztune style) .
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