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  1. Selling Greddy cam sprocket for rb25det neo/R34 GTT. Allows intake cam adjustment without losing VCT. Item is BRAND NEW. Chasing $450 Located WA, happy to post at buyers expense.
  2. Thanks for all the kind words everyone, I am really happy there are so many people who share the passion for these amazing machines. 2 sets of good news. 1) I have managed to convince (probably just sick of my whinging) my lovely wife to let me do the turbo upgrade. Going to start trawling through the rb26 dyno thread to see which one to go with. Anything between the 600-650hp atw should be sufficient, I don't want to go overboard without forging bottom end or sacrificing too much drive-ability/reliability. Open to suggestions, thinking BW8374 or GTX35? 2) Enjoy the second location shots.
  3. I'm not sure when they were last produced - so I'll take your word for it. What I meant was since Kudos made a post ~7 months ago I haven't seen any other sets become available, at least in Australia. Just the random odd person selling a set, and they get snapped up really fast.
  4. Cheers Matt. I was hoping you'd check up for updates. The car is enjoyed and appreciated, I am making sure I take good care of it
  5. I got them from Kudos about 8 months ago. I believe they were the last few remaining sets released to public. I have a feeling as they are no longer in production, you need to know someone to find any. The price of these reflected this, and although was expensive, I feel it was worth it to finish the front end off. The airbag light stays on if you don't hook up the 34 GTR airbag, and even then I don't know if it would work (being 20 years old) or if they are even same resistance. Hooking up a 2.7 ohm resistor to the brown and black wires fools the ECU into thinking there is an airbag. You could always remove the globe as well.
  6. Sorry for lack of updates. I have been saving like crazy and haven't been doing much. Updates will be slow from now on - I have decided to go to uni so I have been banned from modifying this. (will still continue to bug her, hopefully she gives in and lets me throw a highmount turbo on). I have got the series 3 headlights and front lip on, and I also got the front end resprayed as there were lots of random stone chips throughout the paint. I got a photoshoot done for my birthday, here are my favourites from the first location. I hope you all enjoy!
  7. Nah, the strut guy just got a fitting on the new strut that fit over the 10mm ball joint.
  8. R33 GTR 19x10.5+12 TE37s w/ 265/30 Potenzas All gaurds rolled, not lowered too much. Scrubs on liners on full lock but otherwise perfect. Fell in love with the wheels the moment I saw them. Work Emotion CR2P 18x10.5+5 w/ 265/35 AD08Rs Scrubbing on full lock, but otherwise great fitment.
  9. I bought LED bulbs for specifically this purpose, to try and see if it makes much difference to the light output. I don't drive much at night, but there is a noticeable lack of light even with high end halogen bulbs (in comparison to newer tech). I mocked them up in my car and found that the large back end/fan assembly of the LED looked to foul on parts of the headlight enclosure, and would require a little bit of modification/cutting, so I'd need the front end off and the lights off the car to move further with the project. In the near future I plan on buying s3 headlights, so my s1 lights could be used to hack up to see how much modification is required, and is it worth it for light output. ETA is unknown as s3 headlights are damn expensive, but will post updates & photos when it is completed. Keen to see if anyone else does this first though.
  10. Went on a GTR cruise last weekend. Hope some more photos are uploaded, but here are some so far. Enjoy!
  11. Finally did the 2.7ohm resistor airbag light thing. Took about half hour, was pretty easy. Had a small oil leak, turns out oil was coming out the dip stick. Apparently wasn't breathing enough, so got the catch can plumbed in. Haven''t had the chance to get proper shots done, but just a couple from a few weekends ago.
  12. Teaser for everyone. Today is rainy so unwilling to take it outside the shed, but some sneaky pics of my new rims! Fell in love with them the moment I saw them. 19x10.5+12 with 265/30 Potenzas. Will go for some decent tyres when these flog out, as long as it puts the power down I will be happy.
  13. It needed to be more specific, a link is idiot proof
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