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  1. Thanks ? Haha. Yeah it's a bit like that.
  2. Stage 3 upgrades completed. Made a smidge off 257kW at wheels (was 210kW at wheels when stage 2+) and a genuine 550Nm. The DSG TCU was already tuned but had to be custom tuned to cope with the torque increase (100Nm) over stage 2+. Feels like 11 second 1/4 potential, although traction is a challenge.
  3. Finally got around to installing some 1650cc injectors and C125 dash, plus a quick retune - quick because it was 38'c in the workshop and intake temperature wasn't conducive to tuning and power runs. Having said that, it surprised me how well it performed in the oppressive heat. We did a run at 29psi (564+) and a run at 31psi (578) It gained 7kW/psi. We commenced a third run at 33psi but it popped a cooler clamp. New clamps fitted ready for another session early in the new year. I think 595-600+rwkw at 33-34psi is realistic.
  4. Should get more than $500 for it parting it out.
  5. The KW DCCs were $3,390. So yes they did cost more than the Tib. But they're not for that car, they're going in the Roc - which was slight more expensive than $3,390. That is a mate's rates price. I think they're normally $4+k. Plug and play DCC is cheaper than the DDC ECU version, for obvious reasons.
  6. I bought an Aussie SW20 MR2 back in the mid 90s. They are a nice looking coupe, completely impractical though. I had never even considered a Tiburon prior to a couple of weeks ago. I knew they had a reasonably solid little V6 but that was about it. One of my old bosses from my Air Force days owned one from new and loved it. It turns out they are quite a bargain, bang for buck. The 2.7 litre V6 isn't the most powerful engine (127kW and 245Nm) but the spread of torque is impressive so it has no trouble cruising around town without endless cog swapping. Mine has the ever reliable 6 speed manual. I couldn't help myself, I had to order a CAI kit and upgrade the factory speakers - already had the Sony double DIN touch screen. There must be a decent amplifier in there somewhere because the Infinity 6x9s I fitted the other night have a huge amount of punch! I looked at a huge range of stuff in the sub $5,000 price bracket, including plenty of Euros. But reliability and cost of parts becomes a big issue in that price range. The obvious choice was a Toyota, Camry or Corolla. But I couldn't do it. The early-mid 2000s stuff is too bland. Then I noticed the Tiburon and decided to do some research. I paid $2,999 for the blue one.
  7. Mmm... seat warmers are so good on those freezing cold winter mornings or late nights. And who doesn't love being able to push a single button to eliminate the harsh ride over a rough stretch of road, or push that same button to tighten things up ready for a nice stretch of enjoyable road.
  8. Yep, fair and sensible call. VAG aren't the most reliable option on the market. Same goes for most Euro brands. I have to agree with you. The R33 is fun but it's lacking in a few key areas, like DSG paddle shifts.
  9. Yep, that's him! Haha. I went with upgraded rotors and decent pads - Bremtec. The stock brakes are good enough for spirited street use. I don't know how to "do" stock ha-ha.
  10. Nice! Can't go wrong with a Tig. A local VW enthusiast I chat with from time to time has a current model 162TSI Sportline with all the fruit! This thing has a TTE475, Stage 3 DSG and ECU tuning, 20" HRE wheels, Alcon 6 pots, makes about 240awkw.
  11. So I've ended up with another addition to my Euro collection. It was supposed to become the new daily but I got a bit carried away and now it's another project car. Oops! It arrived as a low kilometre (37k) Stage 2+ tuned car and now I'm half way to turning into a Stage 3 car with some extra goodies. A set of KW DCCs are due to arrive next week and the APR LPFP and Milltek cat-back to complement to APR downpipe isn't far away. The turbo is a TTE420, so it should make for a fun little FWD toy without turning into a wheel spin machine. APR claim 360ish hp (close to 270kW) at Stage 2+ and it feels like a mid to low 12 second car as is (I believe the quickest Stage 2+ Roc in the country is in the high 11s!) so I'm guessing Stage 3 with the TTE420 should be 320kW territory. And then I bought another daily hack, for under $3k! Not Euro or JDM but it is actually quite nice to drive.
  12. Pete, congratulations mate, what a beast! You don't need the fancy gear when you have bulk power and torque on tap from 3000rpm! It's my turn to be a little jealous
  13. Mine is a series 1 RB25DET head on an RB30 bottom end, NVCS on - see above. No dyno runs with it switched off... but I wouldn't ditch it unless I was aiming for big RPM and all top end power with a big turbo (1200+hp territory).
  14. It certainly isn't on trend, black is the new black these days, but I've never been one to follow trends.
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