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  1. whatsisname

    The Godzilla Motorsport / Billet Coil Kits R35 kit fits under the coil cover too - same kit as fitted to (was fitted to?) KING32 and the MotiveDVD R32 GT-R. BCK have their own custom R35 coil available now - tested to extremely high boost, RPM, and power levels. My kit pictured below:
  2. whatsisname

    Shaun/Boostworx is one of best bang for buck in Adelaide. You will be very hard pressed to find anyone else with the same level of knowledge and skills, particularly when it comes to more involved modifications or fault rectification. And good luck find anywhere that offer a complete in-house service at such sensible prices.
  3. 140mph is about right for the weight of an R32 GTR and the peak power figure on a hub dyno.
  4. Same turbine housing as mine. Your dyno figure kind of matches my results. All things being equal... 580ish @ 32psi hub dyno figure vs. 530ish @ 26psi on a roller dyno. I'm looking forward to seeing what mine makes at 32-33psi. Looking forward to seeing your dyno sheet to compare response between the RB26 vs. RB25/30. Also looking forward to seeing what MPH yours runs at the drag strip.
  5. 1.01 or 1.21 rear? 32-33psi?
  6. whatsisname

    Come to think of it the last dyno session was the same day I saw your beast had been on the dyno earlier in the day! Yours has probably got more mumbo now but at the time it was 385ish and 600+ Nm vs 533 and just shy of 900Nm.
  7. whatsisname

    Wow! Shows how out of touch I am these days, family life and kids sports will do that. I would've been willing to take that challenge, and still am. Racelogic Traction Control with launch control and boost-by gear will certainly help me. Power is unknown at this stage, it was making 533kW at the wheels on 26psi. I should have a fair idea next week how much it makes at max boost (30-35+psi)
  8. whatsisname

    The workshop I'm associated with has done a few RB25DET and RB25DET Neo + GTX3076R .82 combo's, in fact they've got a Neo + GEN2 GTX3076R there at the moment. From memory the results are all in the 380-400+kW at the wheels range, the highest being 417ish at 27-28psi. The dyno is a current model Dyno Dynamics Dynotech 2WD roller dyno.
  9. whatsisname

    Yes mate, it's a friends VL.
  10. whatsisname

    Not a DET [emoji6] See original post.
  11. whatsisname

    It's a dedicated drag car but running H-pattern for something a little different. 9.81 @ 142 with high 400s. New set-up should go a fair bit quicker. More boost still to come. Plan is up to up it to around 40psi.
  12. whatsisname

    RB30ET with GTX3584RS 1.01 Aftermarket H-pattern 'box 28psi increasing to 34psi Roller dyno
  13. whatsisname

    Nice find mate [emoji1303] Can report that the car is great to drive. Still plenty of urge below 4000rpm, more than enough to get in trouble. Above 4000 in 3rd it will do a rolling burnout. TC is back from the UK and hope to have it running soon.
  14. whatsisname

    Hey mate. Shaun always leaves it set on road speed for some reason. He did tell me why at one stage but I can't recall. It is laggier than the HTA3586. No big surprise there, given the 0.85 vs 1.01 housing change and 62mm v 67mm comp wheel. Running the numbers through a basic speed to RPM calculator (using gear ratio [4th = 1.000], differential ratio [4.111], tyre diameter [641mm or 25.24"], and vehicle speed) it shows that 10km/h equates to roughly 300-400RPM. HTA peak torque arrives at approximately 120km/h which is just over 4000rpm in 4th RS peak torque arrives at approximately 130km/h which is just over 4350rpm(4377rpm) in 4th 80km/h is near enough to 2700rpm 90km/h - 3000rpm 100km/h - 3400rpm 110km/h - 3700rpm (112km/h is a smidge over 3800) The RS overtakes the HTA by approximately 4200rpm. I've got 7800rpm to play with. I'm picking it up this afternoon, so I'll report back later tonight or over the weekend. The plan is to hit the strip once the TC/LC system is sorted - had to send the system back to the UK for reconfiguration and bench testing. The graphs really don't do either turbo justice. Response with the HTA was exceptional. There was no big ramp up onto boost, it just spooled up and by 2500-3000rpm it was turning the tyres. I'm fine with a shift to the right by 350-400rpm, it means speed will be up and it should be less likely to want to swap ends. On the street I don't really care. As long as it can keep up with the traffic I'm happy. I'm old enough to know I don't have to prove anything to anyone. The car is too 'pretty' to see any serious track use. The drag strip is where it will be unleashed in full. However, I'm not aiming for any records, it's just a hobby and a bit of fun.
  15. whatsisname

    Posted in the RB30 results thread but figure it probably should go in here given the back story resides here. As per the plan, we added 1psi in the mid range, bringing it up to 27psi. It drops off to 26psi at peak power. Added a touch more timing up top as well. HTA GT3586R 0.85 vs GTX3584RS 1.01 350-400rpm drop in response vs. near on 70kW peak gain and reasonable gains from 4200rpm upwards. Roughly 870Nm at 4500rpm. 335Nm at 3000rpm. As a comparison, a mate's VE SS with supercharger running 6psi, mild cam and usual intake and exhaust mod's made 375kW and 660Nm peak the night before mine on the same dyno.