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  1. Pete, congratulations mate, what a beast! You don't need the fancy gear when you have bulk power and torque on tap from 3000rpm! It's my turn to be a little jealous
  2. Mine is a series 1 RB25DET head on an RB30 bottom end, NVCS on - see above. No dyno runs with it switched off... but I wouldn't ditch it unless I was aiming for big RPM and all top end power with a big turbo (1200+hp territory).
  3. It certainly isn't on trend, black is the new black these days, but I've never been one to follow trends.
  4. Mine is a jack of all trades master of none. It's a bit old school by today's standards but I did start the engine bay "transformation" about 17-18 years ago! The LED light is very old school rice spec but I only added it as a temporary idea for static displays.
  5. Your R34 has all bases covered, more than enough top end power and bulk torque everywhere. I love it. Yes it most certainly is expensive. My OCD kicks in and I want everything to look as good as it performs which means, billet bespoke covers, fancy fasteners, new or near new this and that and before long I've doubled the cost of the original modification. Nice result! No doubt there is more to come.
  6. Pro-Bolt fastener obsession [emoji4]
  7. Though they were. Their kit is good value and looks the part too. Bugger. Should be a relatively simple fix. Awesome! That is going to make serious grunt once it's tuned and you put some boost into it. How much power are you aiming for? All of it?! [emoji1787] If you're interested in enhancing the appearance of the Godzilla coil kit and making up for the grey rather than black coils, you could always go for black anodised Pro-Bolt fasteners, or red even - like I did with mine. Our race team is sponsored by Pro-Bolt and I've got nuts (pun intended) with high tensile alloy, stainless and titanium fasteners throughout the car.
  8. Sitting around for 9 months without any form of charging... yeah she's dead. Awesome build, dude. Are they BCK/Godzilla Motorsport coils?
  9. But look at all that top end power it lost! That 1.5kW is a huge price to pay...
  10. That thing is the ultimate street set-up with a heap of low and mid range torque, even way down at a mere 2,500rpm. It actually looks a little similar to my previous set-up (old spec's in signature and green curves on attached dyno sheet) although nowhere near the amount of low down torque on tap from your beast! I guess that's to be expected with a 3.2L and ultra responsive EFR8374 vs. 3.0L and no frills HTA GT3586R.
  11. I concur. The RS is not RS (rat shit). GTX4202R for the win... power and response [emoji1787] Dyno sheets are where it's at! Lol
  12. I just realised, I've discussed that car and turbo combo' with the owner. R32 GT-R + GTX3584RS 1.01 with 784hp (585kW) at the hubs and a maiden pass of 10.8 @ 140mph at 1600+kg. It is a very impressive set of numbers.
  13. But wait, there is another... the Billet Coil Kits (Godzilla Motorsport) R35 kit is a decent option, looks the part and performs as advertised - speaking from experience.
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