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  1. Ok, just took apart the dash and unplugged the climate control, replaced fuse and power stearing working and no beeping from the headlights when the car is on. Turned car off and replaced plugs into climate control, started up and climate control came on, power stearing working, pushed the aircon button and blew the fuse right away + power stearing stopped working. Whats is most likely going to be, a faulty climate control panel or a short in one of the wires?
  2. Arghhhhh, car has been at my family workshop for a few days now and they cant find the problem, nor can i find a wiring diagram for the car. Might have to take her to an auto electrician. Can anyone suggest anything else to check? Is there any easy way to disconnect the climate control other than pulling the fuse?
  3. Found two blown fuses, replaced them with 15amp (Same) and no difference. Check fuses and they had blown again, replaced with 30amp everything worked fine until i noticed smoke coming from the fuse box area so i removed fuses. Short maybe? Any easy way to find problem?
  4. Its the next thing on my list to check, would it be the fuses in the boot or driver kick panel?
  5. Please help. Driving down the highway thismorning, first thing i notice my headlight alert (that i've left the headlights on when the car is off) was beeping - yes the parkers were on - After turning lights off the beep stops. Second thing my climate control panel had turned off, no fan no aircon and no lights on the panel - wont turn on after pressing buttons. Third when i was slowing down to turn my power stearing had stoped working. Got out of the car to check the belts and they are all fine. Any idea's?
  6. The girl that was killed was the passenger, her boyfriend was driving.
  7. I've seen an S13 Silvia with a GTR badge in the Mermaid area, always parked out the front. OMGFG!!!! But seriously, this subject has been spoken about so many times!!!!!! BTW, GTR KITS = OK GTR BADGES ON GTS-T'S = GHAY
  8. Very sad news. Sounds like the driver was travelling at stupid speeds at night with no lights on trying to get away from the cops. R.I.P
  9. Yeah, i'm taking my car in with the coilovers at a legal height. Should i worry about the BOV ? Its listed on the defect - i've got the right kind of BOV to connect to the stock pipe. might just get a little extension just incase.
  10. I'll be on the lookout for the car and parts. Theiving bastards - scum of the earth !
  11. Chucky

    Legal Again!!

    Are coilovers illegal NA_R33 - or you just couldnt adjust them?
  12. Hopefully i can just fit a Silencer to the exhaust - The Officer said the police station will handle the DB test. With the Coilover Suspension - I should easily be able to get it to a legal height without fitting the Helper Springs - Thankgod. " End of the financial year is rapidly approaching - careful folks " - Pricks !!!
  13. Just got done for my Carbon Fibre bonnet on the weekend - $225 fine on the Gold Coast And some other defects.
  14. I received one defect notice with all the defect listings & two seperate fines - one for the bonnet and the other for Driving Defective Vehicle. Produce the vehicle for a full Certificate of Inspection/Safety Certificate inspection at an approved inspection station. and produce the vehicle for further inspection of the defects set out below at/to ( Palm Beach) at/by __/__/__ or by appointment. It's also a Minor Defect Classification.
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