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  1. Am disposing of my spare parts, having sold my 1989 R32 GTR and GTSt. 1. Nissan Brake Master for R32 GTR / GTSt. Reconditioned by Trade Brake & Clutch - Resleeved with Stainless Steel and new Seal Kit. Pressure tested. As good as new. From my R32 GTSt. A new Brake Master, ex-Nissan Japan advised as A$840 [January 2020 price]. Nissan advise no longer made and last stock units selling out. This unit - A$540 fixed. Can post anywhere or pickup Melbourne. 2. Other - Refer Separate Threads - R32 GTR 89-93 ABS Module 47850. Tested on my R32 GTR - Works fine. New price RightDrive Parts US is $2,040.83 [January 2020 price], before shipping, duty, GST. This unit - A$1,000 fixed. Can post anywhere or pickup Melbourne. - R32 GTSt Turn Indicator Lamps. Near perfect condition. New price Nissan ex-Japan A$340 each. Left & Right set - A$340 the pair fixed. - R32 GTSt Bonnet Latch. Haven't figured out a price. - R32 Boot Lid Key Barrel Locking Flange Plate. New. Haven't figured out a price. This is one epic pain to replace, but it has to be done sometimes. - R32 Air Con. Console Module. Part # 503722 - 0286. Haven't figured out a price. - R32 Wheel Center Inserts x 2. Haven't figured out a price. - R34 Air Con. Console Module. Haven't figured out a price.
  2. Hi Guys, One Brake Master Cylinder unit sought. R32 GTSt or R32 GTR. Will pay a fair price for a good unit. Regards . . . Les
  3. 2 x R32 GTSt Nissan Factory Rims. 16 x 16 1/2 JJ. No damage. Surplus to requirements. Pick up Glen Iris, Melbourne most times. Les . . . PS - I'm after an R32 GTSt Brake Master Cylinder. No problem paying for a good one.
  4. Hi Guys, 2 excellent condition R32 GTSt Rims 16x6.5JJ. Surplus to requirements. Pickup only. I'm in Melbourne. ____________________ Also - I'm after an R32GTSt Brake Master Cylinder. Les . . .
  5. Jason, Brake Master Cylinder available? Rgds ... Les
  6. Darren, Brake Master Cylinder available? Rgds ... Les
  7. Brodie, Brake Master Cylinder available? Rgds . . . .Les
  8. One R32 or compatible Brake Master Cylinder unit. Les . . .
  9. Amir, The Brake master Cylinder please? Still have? regards ... Les
  10. WTB - R32 1989-93 Instrument Panel Surround plus cooling vents in good condition. Or just the Centre Cooling Vent. Will pay a good price. Les . . .
  11. After Front Dash Plastic Surround plus Cooling Vents - Have or not have? Les . . .
  12. R32 GTR Engine SparkPlug Cover Plate - Black Original Nissan part - R32 GTR Engine Spark Plug Cover Plate. Excellent Condition. $75. Can post - extra.
  13. RB20 / RB26 Coil Pack Plugs Wanted - Coil pack Plugs or Harness for RB20 or RB26 Engine. SMS to 0417 123 053 Les
  14. R32 Coilpack Plug Harness Wiring Harness with plug connectors -
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